Thursday, December 25, 2008

My blog is under comments spam attack

Recently I noticed, that leaving my blog comments open without my authorization is not so good idea. I want it to have open to anyone to comments, but it seems that my blog has been posted on some list how to build up PR on Google. Stupid comments not connected with post topic and links to bizarre homepages and blogs.

Therefore I am forced to turn direct commenting off. Unfortunately that will means I will have to authorize every meaningful comment and that those comments won't be available immediately. I am sorry for this inconvenience, but I have to remain this blog's integrity.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Insuranc - get answers on insurance

One thing I love about the Internet is, that you can get fast answer on virtually every topic. So if you want to get more information on insurance, you should visit and bookmark Insuranc. Not only that they provide rapid and knowledgeable advice, at Insurance they deal with real life situations. Even tough the website is rather forum oriented is just what one who need to get certain information on insurance want to get. Simple and fast page with an easy interface to enter questions and get aswers - online.

As I mentioned, the site is new and there is nothing much online yet, but whose, who had answers got the answers. Site is structured by categories, one such example is Flood insurance .Two other categories on site are Homeowner's Insurance and Questions About Insuranc. One would think, that there is a typo in the name, but it is not. As mentioned on website, they removed letter "e" to make getting insurance easier.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Digital photos viewing

Nowadays most of us have a digital camera and in comparison to an old cameras we have several advantages. I personally found the two most most outstanding advantages in capacity and quality.

Quality is nice thing, it means that digital pictures are in better quality than those made with an old camera. And second - capacity means that we can take enormous number of digital pictures. Well, that can be also third advantage which just came up to my mind: you can watch or print digital pictures instantly.

So we have nice (big) and quality pictures ready to be viewed. I rarely use photo printer option, since it is kind of time consuming and you've noticed through my blog posts, that time really counts. So when I am showing my pictures to others, I usually use cable and connect digital camera to the LCD TV. For quick browsing through pictures I prefer to use laptop; it is just faster and more handy, but both options I use frequently.

Viewing digital pictures with those two approaches I really can get best out of the quality part of advantage: a really high definition pictures.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Twittad - another Twitter monetizing service

In extreme situations like this is (speaking about global economic crisis) the one should start looking for an alternative ways how to get money. It is much appreciated if it is not directly connected with direct investing, but rather being paid for doing other things.
There is no doubt that microblogging was buzz this year. Is there any heavy Internet user, who didn't hear about Twitter? I guess not. And there are more possibilities how to get paid from microblogging activities. As f we talk about Twitter, I did published one opportunity in Get paid for Twitting post - but so far I made small income from that service.

From money earning perspective I see even better opportunity in Twittad. At Twittad they've added different concept comparing to what we saw so far. You do sell your background. Twittad is a place, when demand and supply meet. Twitters on one side and advertisers on other. And you, as a Twitters you can set your condition, for how much money and time you offer your background to advertiser. Interesting concept. Not only for publishers, but also for advertisers as you can put your background ad for less than $1 per month.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Get paid for Twitting

After bad experience with classical blog advertising with Ad sense when I Find out why Ad Sense is scam, I am now testing other ways to get paid for posting. Magpie is an ad network for Twitter. Their customers sign up and create campaigns which consist of magpie-tweets (i.e. ads). Twitterers allow Magpie to post magpie-tweets among their tweets and get paid for it.

As long Twitter crew allow such rather unplanned advertising - obviously they were not able to put their world wide short message system on market - everything is fine, and you will be able to get some money out of your twitting. More on Magpie you can find on my feed.

Another service which gives you an opportunity to earn money with Twitter is Twittad. With slightly different concept from Magpie it offer Twitters and advertisers an option to negotiate the price for advertising. And this time you are not paid for messages posted through Twitter as it is the case on Magpie, but for the background of your profile. Nice, and best of all - you can combine both services Magpie and Twittad.

As soon as I get some real money from those two new and very promising services, I'll let you know.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Greens Finance - dirty scammers

Some may noticed that I was not online for couple of weeks. The reason was my business trip I had in Latin America. Most of time I was offline, but I managed to request withdrawal of all money I have in Greens Finance. It has been now 5 days until that and I receive nothing from this HYIP.

Funny thing is that when I am now looking back, this HYIP was certainly noted as scam in my post on this blog: Liberty Reserve - phishing emails - watch out. And yes, I should never ever reinvest in HYIP or any other kind of investing thing when I have at least some doubt about credibility of system, pool, broker or whatever.

But what makes me really angry is, that I received again a PHISHING EMAIL! One day after my withdrawal request I received the following email:

***********Start of copy paste***********
to block-notice

show details 11 Oct (4 days ago) [Account_Block_Notice.html]

** Liberty Reserve Account Blocked **

Your account has been blocked due to numerous invalid login attempts. You will be unable to send and receive funds until your account has been activated.

Failing to unblock your account will result temporary account suspension. Please read attached account block notice for details.

Liberty Reserve Customer Service

***********End of copy paste************

In attachment there is a HTML file with faked URL, which links you to fake Liberty Reserve site. This is now another (new) way of how to try to get account credentials from naive people. Since you really did request a withdrawal, you may believe that there really was something wrong with your account, and you go and try to restore your account... And give your information to dirty scammers from Greens Finance.

I wasn't get tricked, but some may get. My question is, how would you punish such scammers?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Galleon FX - not scam but bad system

Now it is about to be 10 months since I invested into Forex managed system Galleon FX. Results were really good, far better than I was able to make out of forex manually. So I decided to put minimum investment deposit in there. At beginning it was looking good, but then month after month it went worse and I started to ask my self: Galleon FX - problems, crisis or opportunity?

When looking back, that was a signal to escape with money left. Why? Since Galleon was never able to recover from crisis and in September 2008 they announced: Trading stopped, retooling and options going forward.It is all too late now...

My loss was significant, around 30% of initial deposit left on balance, after withdrawal I expect it will be even lower. Another lesson learned.

So far, on forex, after being almost 2 years in this kind of investment, I can conclude:

  1. Manual forex trading - if you don't have time, good information and experience (all of those things), you may get profit just by pure luck. There is no other way.
  2. Trading with signal - doesn't work well, because even if you got super great signal with profit, you'll have to pay for it. Final profit is available only when trading with large equity, but I assume if you have large equity you don't play with forex (and also not reading this blog :) ).
  3. Let "expert trader" to trade your money - I tried that too. But it all seems there is no expert knowledge which could protect from losses. Beside if it is done by a friend trader, how you will share profit? If it is done by professional, it is called managed forex...
  4. Managed forex - can be automatic system, which do trades without human control (like Galeon FX), or human controlled. But as you can find, neither was winning combination for me.
You can see Forex is not easy money, as it may seems. I am not saying that there are no traders who make it for living. But if you are new in this, follow my conclusions. It may help you save money.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Liberty Reserve - phishing emails - watch out

After long time of holidays I've checked my accounts yesterday. The best option was Greens Finance , despite I announced it as a scam earlier in on Twitter. Since one investment period was over on GreensFinance, I had profit and initial deposit ready to withdrawal. I requested withdraw and reinvested; up to now, my request was not proceeded yet, but what is most scary - I got a phishing email. My feeling is, that GreensFinance is scam after all, since they are the only one who know, that I made withdrawal request in last hours. Phishing email is very good copy of Liberty Reserve official emails - but link is obvious fake and lead you to phishing site, which is there to take your credentials.


This is an email I received couple an hours after my withdrawal request:

Liberty Reserve Payment Receive - Failed additional policy Please Update

Liberty Reserve

to Th0rest
show details 03:49 (5 hours ago)

Please note that in all e-mails from Liberty Reserve we will:
Never send you any links (except account activation e-mail) or attached files.
Never ask you to send us your password and/or login PIN.

Dear, customers

This email was sent by the Liberty Reserve server to verify your E-mail address.
You must complete this process by clicking on the link below and entering form .

This is done for your protection - because some of our members no longer have
access to their email addresses and we must verify it.

To verify your E-mail address and access your bank account,
click on the link below:

We have asked few additional information which is going to be the part of secure login process.
These additional information will be asked during your future login security so,
please provide all these info completely and correctly otherwise due to security reasons we may
have to close your account temporarily.

We thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Please understand that this is a security
measure intended to help protect you and your account. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Security Advisor
Liberty Reserve

Friday, July 18, 2008

Summary for June

After rather not productive blogging in May, June has been slightly more productive. Despite 4 posts monthly is bellow my regular output, the quality and value added in those posts is high. At same time I have to mention, that for short notices and signal I use Twitter; details available on Free Forex and betting signal over Twitter.

The most shocking thing was drop of Google page rank down to zero, after it has been stable PR3 since April. I read many good suggestions how to get rank back, but I just figure out, that it is not only Google PR connected with blog monetizing. So after I found out why Ad Sense is scam, Google also hit me with PageRank.

Most read post...

... dated back in October 2007 and topic was same as in previous month: Liberty Reserve. Since home page is excluded and only single posts are in this statistic, this is quite a normal result; as we know, that majority of traffic to single posts has been done as Search engines referral. That's why ALERT: Liberty Reserve - fake emails was read so many times.

Here are notable posts from June:

  1. Greens Finance - great profit maker - is still at this time I am writing the hotest HYIP available. My deposits are safe there, I completed one cycle (30 days) and just entered new round.
  2. Get paid for reading emails - is different approach to making money. This kind of online earning is very slow on profit making. It is more like passive way of making profit but it is very stable.
Blog statistics

Number of absolute unique visitors still goes down. It is obvious that as long I post 4 times a month, even over 200 absolute unique visitors is nice number. For more traffic to the site I should really post more often.

Top 5 keywords from search engines:
  • ffg trading
  • ffg-traders
  • scam
  • ferrum forex group
  • buy liberty reserve with credit card
The list of friend sites which sent me traffic:

Thank you guys for sending me traffic from your fantastic blogs!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Greens Finance - great profit maker

Now it has been 10 days since I joined another promising HYIP program: Greens Finance. We all know, HYIP is just HYIP and High yield investing program is linked to high risk. But this web page gives more credibility than any other so far. On their web page you can find real data who is behind and they have more offices, one also in London. Different certificates (I was not checking their originality) are displayed at the web too.

After 7 days I made also my first withdrawal and there was no problems with it. Wide variety of e-currencies are available for deposit: E-gold, Liberty Reserve and E-bullion. For investment plans are available, dynamic from 0.7% to 3.3% daily profit.

TODAY 0.70% 1.12% 2.09% 2.94%
AVERAGE WEEKLY 0.70% 1.24% 2.21% 3.06%
AVERAGE MONTHLY 0.70% 1.19% 2.19% 3.12%

Greens Finance also offers nice referral bonuses: 7% from initial deposit and 3% from all following deposits. Overall this is a really good HYIP. I predict it a long term existence, your deposits suppose to be safe until end of summer. If everything will run smoothly until September, we can expect this HYIP to be online until October. At the moment I wouldn't bet on longer existence on even best HYIP on the world.

Monday, June 23, 2008

FFG trading - successful story may end up soon

There is no doubt, FFG trading has been paying me all the way. And I am in profit regardless the situation. So far, at the moment, I received last withdrawal I made couple of days ago, on time. When I introduced this HYIP on this page, I wrote in FFG Trading - HYIP but I invested $ there a clear prediction, that this program may last for 18 weeks, at least. This period is now over and my feeling is we are near the end of it. It is true they had big problems months ago but they recovered, changed domain couple of time. But no HYIP is for ever and the smart player knows when to move out.

I also caught some rumors, that FFG is not paying big withdrawals and this reminds me very much to Privatefin scam. So it really doesn't matter whether those rumors are correct or not it is not safe to invest in FFG trading anymore. Additionally it would be smart to move out all deposits - I'll do that after my deposit plan is over. Compounding I reduced to 0% long time ago.

Time to go on, I have already found new promising HYIP, my readers were notified about it over Twitter updated. My plan is to introduce it in any time so. Stay tuned, investors!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Get paid for reading emails

Let me get this straight: you can't really get rich with such a program, by definition. It has been some months since I joined Emailcashpro. This is just one of many program with similar approach. They send you emails where you have to click on link. It seems that Program is fair and honest, but the big question is, how to get reach minimum withdrawal.

EmailCashPro is another paid to read email program that first started in the small country of Singapore (that's why currency used for balance is Singaporean Dollars). It is now 9 months since this program has expanded to a International program that pays its members by check or more and more popular PayPal.

Nevertheless it is fair and promising service, it will take years to reach some money (talking about US$10). As long you just click on link you get with email. Don't be afraid to get tones of emails, there is no way that paid emails will harm your mailbox. I got 9 emails from Emailcashpro with sponsored link to click in May and just 4 in June. But there is a catch, how to reach those $10. With referrals of course (you've have that in mind, I bet on it).

So the best way to maximise the potential of your EmailCashPro membership is to become a Gold Member what happens when you invite 20 of your friends, colleagues or relatives to join your team at EmailCashPro. When you reach 20 direct referrals, you will be upgraded to a Gold Member. As a Gold Member, you will get the additional benefits: S$5 credited into your account and Unleash the potential of your 5th level of referrals. I think it is worth to try it.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Summary for May

Honestly from this blog point of view I was most unproductive in May. The only relevant post was Summary for April :) . Sometimes those summary thingy makes sense, but looks you just need to blog more often. There is a reason why I was not blogging; simply, I was on holidays, travelling from Chicago to Cleveland and back - sorta vacations.

That doesn't mean that my visitors were left alone whole month. My Twitter signal was very much alive, so if you don't know what you are reading now about Twitter signal, check Free Forex and betting signal over Twitter. Both forex and horse racing signals were POSITIVE, anyone who did follow them, made profit on either choice. Soon I will explain more how to use this free signal, but right now it seems that it is just fine for those who are already in Forex or/and in Horse Betting (with bookie who supports laying).

Most read May's post
Similar to previous month, the topic of the most read single post (first page excluded) was connected to Liberty Reserve topic again back to January this year;
ALERT: Liberty Reserve website down.

Blog statistics

This is now second month in a row we can notice smaller decrease of visitors on this blog. No wonder as there was not many new contents added in May. My plan is to reach 1000 users in on month. Obviously this is not going to happen so soon.

Top 5 keywords from search engines:

  1. liberty reserve down
  2. liberty reserve site down
  3. scam
  4. ferrum forex group
  5. ffg trading
Here is the list of top 7 blogs that have sent traffic to me:
Thank you all for linking to my my blog!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Summary for April

The idea about writing monthly overviews of my posts seems to be an interesting approach. Such information is valuable when we analyse development of the blog. Either way month of April was rather volatile, compared to March. Biggest improvement was in dramatic increase of Google Pagerank for this blog - from 1 to 3! From the technical point of view the big news is added Twitter widget on left, where you can get Twitter updates. This microbloging service offers faster information; finally my blog has become a relevant source of forex, betting and HYIP signals - what was the initial goal over a year ago.

Most read April post
Similar as in March, also in April the most read page was one from the past ALERT: Liberty Reserve - fake emails. That is a good confirmation that many useful information for users can be found in old posts.

Here are some notable posts from April:

  1. Free Forex and betting signal over Twitter is definitely the biggest value added in last months or even more to this blog. I decided to share Forex signal, which is mostly focused on GBP-USD, Horse betting with focus on UK races and later on I will start to publish also Soccer signals for matches. Statistics so far show that forex signal was 100% profitable with over 90 pips in just one day, and just today first horse bet signal was issued with perfect hit.
  2. Find out why Ad Sense is scam reflects my feelings when I found out, that Google suspended my Ad Sense account. It is up to reader to judge if I used word SCAM too easy. I still think that this was unfair.
Blog statistics

Comparing to Summary for March we can see that in April my blog had less visits and less pageviews. Also number of pages viewed on visit was smaller. Nevertheless the ratio of new visits remains the same. I hope that with the new content especially the signals, this blog will gain more readers.

Top 5 keywords from search engines were:
  1. ffg-trading
  2. scam
  3. liberty reserve down
  4. ffg-traders
  5. galleon fx
Here is Top 10 blogs that sent traffic to me:
Thank you all and everyone of those bloggers for their links.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The World is Yours Now visited

There have been thousands of blogs about online earning. But most of them has short history, something like a month or so. For The World is Yours Now blog I can say that with its age of over a year has very few competitors. We can see that average more than daily posts on this blog offers a lot of interesting reading. Majority is dedicated to presenting ideas and instructions; examples and reviews of ways hot to earn money online. Additionally a lot of attention has been paid to Google page rank. Among those posts I found very useful Important Tips and Tricks To Avoid Page Rank Drop post based on author's experience.

Compared to my blog, I see The World is Yours Now as complementary from point of money online opportunities. If my blog covers forex, hyip and betting on visited blog focus is on monetizing blog with pay per post, pay per blog and other ways how to get most from your blog. Experienced reader can learn a lot from this blog, more than it may be expected at first glance.

Free Forex and betting signal over Twitter

My last decision was to start publishing my two signals: forex and betting. And best tool to do that is by my opinion Twitter - micro blog service. For some days you can see in left column my Twitter updates. There are not only signals, also other quick short tweets I read, so you can track what I do virtually in real time. It is much easier to post such signals and short messages on Twitter. It is best that you check how it looks yourself on my Twitter page.

my own business with Couple of months I started my own HYIP. Since I was so frustrated my scams around, I startInternet investment. Manual and managed forex, horse and soccer betting, stable HYIP and some other sources were the core of my HYIP. For a month or two, everything went very good. Weekly profit was around 5%. Then equity on forex account was significantly hit by bad position and crisis of USD. Since then my HYIP haven't recovered yet. But I decided to share my signals, which can help you to succeed with same tools I've made over 20% monthly profit. And I am still using it!

It is an automatic signal and it predicts sell and buy orders when it is triggered. A very nice performance was Friday's profit based on first signal posted on Twitter of almost 100 pips! Tool for this signal I bought 10 months ago. Generally it works ok, but sometimes you have to watch for other variables which influence the forex market like economic news. Since I trade mostly Cable, GBP/USD pair is included in signal.

Since I wanted to have as much as possible portfolio of my HYIP, I made my own reverse engineering tool for betting. At the moment system is in test phase for horses, but model is made also for soccer. Results for horses are still testing, so use them with caution and on your own risk. The system reached 64% win ratio, but it should be above 80%. High ratio is needed due to the fact, that I use only lay system. This system is a result of over 1 year of practising betting for real money and program is made in collaboration with one of my HYIP investors.

In future I plan to spend more posts on betting, since this seems one of very good money making activities online - especially since it is not influenced by current bad economic moment and obvious forthcoming global recession.

Keep the pace with me, get on Twitter!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ferrum Forex Group changed domain again

It is now 3rd time when FFG trading is changing its domain name. The newest domain name and link is now What is the point of those frequent changes I don't know, but they certainly doesn't inspire its investors with confidence.

Let's take a look at: Live Statistics

Online since February 23, 2008
Total accounts 1044
Total deposited $132,912.16
Deposited today $2,496.80
Last deposit $1000.00 (Ralwil)
Total withdrawn $27,594.49
Withdrawn today $2,073.06
Last withdrawal $16.11 (deepblueice)
Pending withdrawals 1 ($0.65)
Total bonuses paid $9,191.59
Visitors / customers online 15 / 9

If those stats are OK, this is very stable program. But I don't know why FFG doesn't convince me to believe them. In March we had alert as question whether Early problems of FFG trading or early scam HYIP? appeared. Then by the end of March another alert hits us as FFG trading with problems (again) has been published. Finally last days of March FFG trading changed to
FFG traders and recently they change it again to new address

Regardless the situation, I wouldn't go with investing for longer than end of May.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lakshmi the Rattler

One of the most relaxing blogs I visited recently is Lakshmi's Blog on Anything 'n Everything. Nice template goes well with its contents and it really gives you an impression what kind of person is Lakshmi. Topics she is writing about are really versatile, exactly like I wrote in first sentence, but you can find that on every page of Lakshmi's blog. Lakshmi the rattler seems to like to write a lot about her personal life, feelings and things like that, what I found interesting and it gives special note to this blog.

Typical women topics makes the heart of her blog; from online shopping to tourism. But even computer games, gadgets and online money making are topics, that Lakshmi is covering. Versatile. For example, even if don't know how to cook, I was impressed by her recipes section . Delicious meals made by herself with her original photos and recipes give a high value to this blog.

Good work Lakshmi!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Alert: Cropinvcashco website down

Four days ago Cropinvcashco sent out the following email to its users:

-----copy starts here----

fromCICC Admin
hide details 14 Apr (4 days ago)



14 Apr 2008 18:31

Update about payment

Dear members,
Today,all pending withdrawals with EG and LR have been processed successfully now. We are so sorry for the delay.Thanks all.


-----copy ends here----

In review Another interesting HYIP - Cropinvcashco I predicted this will program will work until end of April... It is not end of April yet, but it seems to be end of another HYIP. Nevertheless very similar situation already happened - website was down. At the moment I can record more than 24hrs of downtime. We shall not yet completely give up on this one, but investors will start to withdraw and stop investing into this one.

Investing here is not recommended, if it will come back, try to withdraw from it.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Suplado Online Blog visited

Interesting Blog cover similar topics as mine. Generally visitors who want to stay street-smart and always on the look out for something new will find his blog useful. Suplado will review the hottest trends, companies and people, money making, health and other items of general interest. You can find he is regular writer of posts, what is nowadays very important when we talk about quality blog. So not just content, but also other aspects of his blogs gives a very positive impression.

In this particular post "Blogging... you can make money at this huh? That's cool.” he offers over 20 links to blogs which may answer this question eventually posed by his cousin Charlene. Suplado's blog has also a very cool widget I saw first time by now How much is your blog worth? His blog is worth $3,951.78m, what seems totally cool to me. Unfortunately when I enter my website URL into widget form, I got estimation of my blog worth of $0.

Good work Suplado!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ecommerce Articles - Using Shopping Comparison Sites as New Sales Channel

Recently I found an interesting article on e-commerce about Shopping comparison sites. It is true that most of us are mostly e-buyers, but there are also e-merchants out there. And if you ever believed that this may be your chance - setting up a Electronic Shop and sell things online, this is a great article to read.

It is inevitable that first step when setting up a web shop is to find appropriate shopping cart software. And secondly, there is really no need to invent things which are out there. A wide choice of useful articles on marketing and setting up a great shopping cart can be found on

Articles are very USA oriented when it comes to practical advice, but from a general point of view, information on e-shopping and related topics on this site can be applicable nearly everywhere. So if you are in this business don't miss those articles.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Bogdan Pop's Blog visited

Interesting Blog by Bogdan is covering three major areas: web development, photography and DJing. His blog itself reveals that he is good in programing and web technologies. WordPress powered blog has been his own design so you can see yourself his skills. Recently Bogdan posted an article on Web development, Photography, Dj-ing in which he delivered proofs about his SEO skills. Interesting topic for most of us, who think in a way how to monetize our blogs. It will be interesting to track his new activities on search engine optimisation. I hope that he will be willing to reveal some of his secrets. Tips and tricks on SEO have been always attractive for bloggers and other web authors.
As we can expect from a web developer, this page brings best context in an area of web developing. As it is expected author is posting his articles regularly so we can expect daily new content.

Keep up the Good work Bogdan!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Find out why Ad Sense is scam

It may sound very harsh and impossible, that Google AdSense is scam. Especially if you know that I have been always a Google fan. But from my point of view AdSense is special kind of scam, unfortunately. It fits all criteria I have made in my year and a half experience with HYIP and other online opportunities.

Yesterday I received and email from Google, that my Ad sense account is blocked. Here is the copy:
----------copy starts here---------

Google AdSense
to Th0rest
show details
8 Apr (1 day ago)
Hello ,

While going through our records recently, we found that your AdSense
account has posed a significant risk to our AdWords advertisers. Since
keeping your account in our publisher network may financially damage
our advertisers in the future, we've decided to disable your account.

Please understand that we consider this a necessary step to protect the
interests of both our advertisers and our other AdSense publishers. We
realize the inconvenience this may cause you, and we thank you in
advance for your understanding and cooperation.

If you have any questions about your account or the actions we've
taken, please do not reply to this email. You can find more information
by visiting


The Google AdSense Team
This message was sent from a notification-only email address that does
not accept incoming email. Please do not reply to this message.

----------copy ends here---------

Now where is the catch. Google pays you a revenue from Ad sense when you reach $100. Now over a year since I put Ad sense on this blog and some other not important site, I finally get close to $100. Maybe around $97 at time, when my account got closed. Do you feel a scam moment yet?

Where did I go wrong?
I read out twice the link above from email I received and I found out that there is so many terms and conditions, that virtually every usual blog which has blog roll and some widgets and maybe some other popular applications in world of bloggers will be suitable to be suspended.

That's no good. So scam moment is in fact, that my account was not disabled when my balance was $10, or $30.... but when I was close to be paid off.

Another thing which come on my mind why I get banned from AdSense could be since lately I really doubled my revenue after I followed the instructions on Yeepage - How to double your AdSense earning for doing 5 minutes work? That's an excellent article, but the service providing Adsblacklist claims that using filters is not against the AdSense rules...

The truth
When I read all about Ad sense and disabled accounts I found, that Google gives back money to advertisers from disabled accounts. So that's fine, they are not actually run away with "my money". But I never clicked on ads on my blog or haven't produced bad content. And those readers who clicked on links clicked on them because they were so similar to things I write here.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A.W.$urveys with new offer

For all who signed up through my post Get paid to take "easy" surveys
you probabbly filled all surveys and make around $30 in just couple of minutes. But then you have to wait for new surveys. That makes whole thing a little less profitable as it seems on first glance, but anyway, this is good money. For A.W. Surveys you'll need a PayPal account, which you can get it easy. Sign up is user friendly and the service is among the most popular online.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Anyway An April Bonus Website Evaluation is Available online on A.W.$urveys, go there, write 2 sentences about 2 websites listed and claim your $1.

Good luck.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Summary for March

Sometimes is good to make a summary, so I decided that important months will be captured into small report about my posts I have created previous month. As some may recognised I have tried to build up Google page rank on my blog, which remains just PR 1. Blogroll for manual link exchange and Blogrush for automatic syndication network were added to blog.

Summary of March posts

Most visited single post on my blog in March was one of the old ones dated back in October ALERT: Liberty Reserve - fake emails. Many similar alerts follows also this year, but mostly they targeted e-gold online currency. This post is important as it reminds up that also popular Liberty Reserve can be overtaken by evil hackers.

Here are notable posts from this month:

  1. Get paid to take "easy" surveys deals with really easy way to get some $ with writing 2-3 sentences about website. It is not classical survey site you may expect. Strongly recommended.
  2. Another interesting HYIP - Cropinvcashco was one of my latest proven HYIP's which is still active. I said I am out of HYIP, but this site convinced me to play with some money.
  3. FFG trading changed to FFG traders and finally gave us big relief as with more posts about the problems followed us whole month. So over a month old post "FFG Trading - HYIP but I invested $ there" proved that this was a good choice. I predicted 18 weeks of life for this HYIP, 12 more yet to go.

Webtraffic of this blog

To be honest, this is a small blog so far in sense of number of visitors. In March here made a visit 390 users, while absolute unique visitors were 291. Total number of pageviews was 735.

Top 5 keywords from search engine visitors were
  1. ffg-trading
  2. galleon fx
  3. ffg trading
  4. opentrade
  5. credit card to liberty reserve
Among referring sites there is no blog or website which would made significant traffic to my blog.

Monday, March 31, 2008

FFG trading changed to FFG traders

Well, sometimes I am happy when I am wrong. Obviously I was too fast claiming FFG as scam in Alert: FFG sent out email - nothing much to believe. So they have sent another email yesterday noticing all investors, that they have changed their domain to

They wrote apologize, email sent from new domain, everything in place so it all seems clear. They also warn users to correct links to new domain. And yet again they are back and stable. Or maybe I am too quick again?

I was predicting that withdrawals will increase and yes, they did. But so far this is not critical, as there is some new deposits and overall picture of this HYIP looks healthy. As long stats are real - we saw some HYIP with fake stats as well, so nothing in the domain of lurky HYIP is 100% certain. Let's take a look at live statistics at this very moment:

Online since February 23, 2008
Total accounts 765
Total deposited $64,146.62
Deposited today $354.40
Last deposit $9.90 (junglist00)
Total withdrawn $9,960.66
Withdrawn today $432.70
Last withdrawal $1.00 (usd100k)
New Pending withdrawals 9 ($21.24)
Total bonuses paid $4,532.49
Visitors / customers online 22 / 9

Another thing is that currently they claim Liberty Reserve withdrawals are on standby, the reason is LR website... But things should be or they are maybe already in place. You can read my detailed review of FFG traders on my post: FFG Trading - HYIP but I invested $ there.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Alert: FFG sent out email - nothing much to believe

FFG trading website problems are not over yet. Earlier today so called FFG trading support sent out an email to its investors. It is funny to see they claim their domain has been suspended, but at same time they are sending an email from the very same domain name which suppose suspended. Additional, as you can se from copy of an email, they use noreply address, so this support is everything but available for its costumers. I can with high certainty say, that FFG is scam. Stay away. In case they are back, there will be massive withdraw request, which will kill this HYIP.

It can happen FFG by some miracle solve its problems, I strongly suggest not to deposit any money there. If you are an investor please, don't suggest people to invest into this scamy HYIP.


FFG Trading
hide details 15:44 (6 hours ago)


FFG Trading

to me


27 Mar 2008 15:44


FFG Trading Domain Name Issues
Dear ,

You are receiving this e-mail because you have an account at FFG Trading.

Our domain name has been suspended by the domain registration authority due to a number of complaints that our domain name is involved in fraudulent activities.

Currently we are in contact with the domain registration authority to dispute their decision to suspend our domain name and awaiting for their answers.

At the same time we are finalizing the preparation of a new temporary domain name which will be provided to you later today.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Kind regards,
FFG Trading Customer Support
Ferrum Forex Group LLC

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

FFG trading with problems (again)

This now extremely suspicious as another problems appear after last problems FFG trading - back and stable.
The only thing which might indicate it is a real problem and that FFG is not going scam, is that they have sent an email. Usually this is not so common that scam site would so quickly sent out emails to its investors. If this is a scam, I was overestimated lifetime of FFG trading. If they'll be back, they might be even more trustworthy. In any case, such downtime is no good, as often investors start to panic and massive withdrawals follows when site is back. Here is the copy of an email:

fromFFG Trading
hide details 15:09 (22 minutes ago)

reply-toFFG Trading


26 Mar 2008 15:09

FFG Trading DNS Problems

You are receiving this e-mail because you have an account at FFG Trading.

We are experiencing technical problems with our DNS servers at the moment and our website might be inaccessible. We are currently working to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. Please accept our sincere apologies for this inconvenience.

Kind regards,
FFG Trading Customer Support
Ferrum Forex Group LLC

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Giorbello - Glass Tiles

If you are renovating home or building a new house Glass Tiles from Giorbello, company which is one of the newest manufacturers of high end glass tiles, can bring style to your home, garden or pool. Their European design became popular also throughout the US. The quality of their products has been obviously upgraded with tile design which is known by exceptional textures, unique shapes and styles in coordinating colours.

Giorbello is an exclusive brand of glass tiles with nice website where we can search and looks among their numerous types of tiles. Personally I liked Mosaic Murals the most.

If you are in this business you might think of becoming their reseller. In US you can find many resellers in California, Arizona, New York... but not in all States.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Get paid to take "easy" surveys

Recently I lost significant amount of money in Forex. Yes, significant. US Dollar was just too weak and turned the other way just on wrong time. No stop loss trading I used to practise with my new broker killed me; completely on total of over -3000 pips my orders were closed...

I can't get over it yet still, but I am searching for new ways how to get at least some money to start over again. Generally there is a huge number of services we can call "get paid to...". To read emails doesn't make significant money, I'll write about that some other time. Paid to click on banners is most unprofitable way and biggest lose of time. I never liked paid to take surveys, until today. In some 20 minutes I registered my account and fulfill all surveys available ($6 for Welcome survey and $4 for others). For total of $27. Easy money, really, since there is no need to write long reviews, 2-3 sentences about choosen website is enough.

You can get paid when you collect $75. They offer $1.25 per friend who register as your referral (if you singup with click on banner below, thank you). And finally, they use Paypal as payment processor, what is neat as my broker uses Paypal as well. Worth to participate in A.W.$urveys, I am telling you.