Thursday, December 25, 2008

My blog is under comments spam attack

Recently I noticed, that leaving my blog comments open without my authorization is not so good idea. I want it to have open to anyone to comments, but it seems that my blog has been posted on some list how to build up PR on Google. Stupid comments not connected with post topic and links to bizarre homepages and blogs.

Therefore I am forced to turn direct commenting off. Unfortunately that will means I will have to authorize every meaningful comment and that those comments won't be available immediately. I am sorry for this inconvenience, but I have to remain this blog's integrity.


pandi merdeka said...

yeahh the spam is more powerfull lately... the best way to protect is moderated comment. ... happy new year

Melissa said...

Hi, I was searching google for something and I stumbled across this blog entry. You may have found this out already, but I have been using a program for spam called Akismet on my wordpress blog and on one of my message boards and it works just about perfectly. I have my comments open to anyone without moderation and Akismet catches all the spam so far and puts it in the spam folder for me to view or delete! Anyway, check it out, it's free and it works!
Good luck!