Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I feel bad

Lately I've been so depressed after unsolved issue with Privatefin, that I lost quite some motivation to write some useful information in my blog. Sorry for that. But over $1000 lost in Privatefin don't give me any positive thought. I am not negative person, but it really pisses me off such events as this one. And what hurts the most is, Privatefin is operating, majority of users are getting paid, monitors are showing green light, status paying. GIVE ME A BREAK!

And it is quite the same on forums. Now follow my advice, when HYIP has some kind of problems, when you see one user is not getting withdrawals, when site is going down to often, stay away. You may miss the timing sometimes, but hey, sooner or later, every HYIP ends. I badly judged one HYIP, but most scams I left before they shutdown their doors. If you check my posts back, I had bad feeling about Privatefin already. I should quit when they come back after one weekend downtime for their site. But.. what is done is done. Now I can wait to get back money on other programs...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Inovative approach to HYIP Monitoring - RTA Monitor

Maybe you have noticed maybe not, but I am not too excited about HYIP monitors. Mostly because they work great since they are soon in and get a lot of referrals. For themselves. I was even paying one month for the HYIP signal, the final result was negative profit, especially if I add fee I paid for signal.

RTA online investment manager and admin Max has come out with unique and innovative idea in his Monitor released just some minutes ago. He signs up incognito, so other admin will be able to connect him to his monitor. I love that. Because this is just a good way how to detect tricky scammers who some weeks before they run away with money keep on paying monitors and still have paying status on their sites.

So if you want to be sure, where you put your money (and you don't find site listed in here on my blog:) ), go and check RTA monitor - your reliable private eye!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Details on my Privatefin account

Since there have been quite unclear, if Privatefin is scam or not, I decided to post my case backed up with current screenshots from my account. Normally I wouldn't do that, but I believe it is in common interest of you, my dear reader, to keep you informed. The message is clear: STAY AWAY FROM PRIVATEFIN. So far I've sent 3 emails, on three different addresses from their support. I received no reply so far. Think about it... it could be you, and your $900.

It could be a technical mistake, I don't know, but it would be fair they fix it up and inform investors.

  1. First screenshot - my account; things to watch there ACTIVE DEPOSIT $914.70 and also take a look at AVAILABLE WITHDRAWAL $0.01.
  2. On second screenshot you can see my latest deposits. Last is from Jun-7 and all are made in special plan, what means 9 days. Now we are Jun-14 according to Privatefin server. So if everything would work ok, only last two deposits should count for active deposits, right? Based on that, this should be around $300 . Remember, on my account active deposit is over $900 for 5 days now. I did not receive any daily profit.
  3. Last screenshot are my withdrawals. You can clearly see, that my withdrawal request from Jun-10 had never been processed. Description there is empty. Last larger sum withdrawed was on Jun-7. Withdrawal on Jun-13 was test, when I successfully got paid $0.40 from referral deposit.
I hope I was clear enough. And it really is all about the money and if they took mine, please don't give them yours. Unless this issue is resolved.

GoldEX website under ddos attack

Cyberterrorists had attacked GoldEX web, what makes it to go down. That's why some of the pictures are not shown on my blog too. Anonymous visitor also posted a comment, that something is not ok with payment, but it seems that this attack is the issue.

There is no doubt they will fix the servers, so if you have a pending order with GoldEX I think you have nothing to worry, just be patient.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hard times for my portfolio

After strange thing happened in Privatefin, where there I haven't received profit and withdrawals from this weekend on, my portfolio is badly hurt. Instead of $900 which were profit my rather excellent management and all deposited in Privatefin, nothing of that came back to me. The one and only daily portfolio is based now only on one program - RTA online investment. I must say, that this is the only secure and profitable place I am willing to invest more at this time.

Some of my money is also in Bet Funds - Arb bets mutual fund, but I don't consider these investments as a part of my daily or monthly portfolio, as I compounded deposits there for one year. I plan to write a review on this program soon.

Nothing hurt me as bad as Privatefin, especially because everything looks normal, most users report no problem, so I wonder why it hit me. Especially after I made fair and correct review, so it should not be something personal. For example, that Privatefin admins would deliberately blocked my account.

I plan to post some screenshot of my Privatefin account withdrawals. After two emails I've sent to support, no reply I received even they claim to answer all emails in 24 hours. Well, they obviously don't.

Think before you reinvest in Privatefin, that you won't be sorry as I am now.

Monday, June 11, 2007

ALERT: Privatefin - scam

After waiting for today, nothing turned out to be positive for Privatefin. This time I misjudged HYIP program, it went down a way too soon. Nevertheless there were some signs this is a scam, but everything looks like technical problems. Anyway, another school for next time. I need more strict timing in here.

The situation at this moment is, that Privatefin are not giving daily profits and they are holding withdrawals. DON'T DEPOSIT IN HERE!

Possible scenarios:

  1. They will come back, paid everything, give back missed interested for 2 days. And after some days, they will disappear.
  2. They won't come back (most likely), but they will still take deposits.
  3. Third most unlikely scenario is, that they had some problems over weekend, and they'll come back and everything will turned back to normal.
Either way, I am out of here. If I will get withdrawals back, I definitely won't invest in here.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

ALERT: Privatefin 3rd time

Similar as previous weekend also this time withdrawals are on hold - over 12 hours. The truth is, that some members claim to received withdrawals with 48hrs delay. Site is not down, deposits are possible. But to be honest, I don't like it when HYIP has so many problems. Tough the profits out of Privatefin are rather high and made my portfolio faster then ever, I am thinking of pulling out my deposits from this program.

After watching statistics on the first page, some doubt my be raised if this is actually true statistic.

Let's wait until tomorrow.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Gold lowest after 11th March

Those who are familiar with Forex trading know the importance of the gold price. Current low price for them won't matter much, as markets are closed over the weekend. But what does it mean for HYIP investors?

A lot. With good handling of short term deposits and available withdraws, you can get some percents just from good timing. Current low price of gold which will last fixed over the weekend is an opportunity to buy gold, to withdraw money from your HYIP balance. Wait for Monday or Tuesday and reinvest it. I expected that gold will go back up, first trends of rising were shown just at the end of a trading day.

Of course all HYIP are not suitable for such manipulation with gold prices, since they don't provide instant withdrawals. Very good HYIP to manipulate with gold price is without a doubt Privatefin, but also RTA online investment provides fast withdrawals.

Anyway, keep an eye on gold, I am constantly watching it despite my fiasco when I traded with gold on Forex market.

In chart you can see closed price for gold at 645.60. US $ is getting stronger last two days, but we can speculate to hit back 672.00 soon, and 660.00 in near future.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Interesting view on Forex trading

Recently I read a very intersting article on forex trading. It is exactly what was my experience in forest 7 months of trading. Even tough I am fully aware that 7 months means in trading that I was still a newbie, I spent a significant time online attached to Metatrader windows. Trying everything, from system to signals, from news to economic reports. And yes, I was doing small but steady profit which was giving me a reason to continue. Untill I did a fatal mistake, trying fight the trend without stop loss.

I hope, that my HYIP investments will go on well, so far is looking very good and I plan a comeback.

Oh, and I almost forgot to give you a link to that article:
Currency Trading Systems - The Fatal Mistake That Ensures Losses 95% of the Time.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Agloco hype

For quite some months Agloco team was promising release of its viewbar. Today it was finally released, after some of members were very sceptical it will ever comes out. The philosophy behind this project is simple: the need to get as many members as possible, show them banners and get the profit, share it between members.

It is free, no investment needed. You are actually selling your space on screen (same area as status Windows bar at bottom of the screen). Register, download, install, view. And get as many referrals as possible. The reason why you'll need referrals is in limited monthly time you will get paid: 5 hours of active showing on your desktop, or screen, if you want.

My plan with Agloco:

  • It is nice, because it is free, I joind 4 months ago, but I didn't want to start getting referrals untill release the viewbar.
  • I remember some 4 years ago, when first viewbars with same idea came online, Paid2surf category, all projects finished and I got no profit there. So I am rather sceptical with this one as well, but it can get you some small profit.
  • It is worth to test it.
Since the Agloco website is under heavy traffic at this time (many members downloading viewbar), make no mistake and don't pick viewbar from other sites than original!!! You can get malicious program.

If you register HERE, you'll be in my referral
(same as in other links to HYIP on this site) and I am very thankful for your trust and respect. I'll keep you guys informed on what is going on.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Where to buy e-gold?

After I've tried different approaches how to load my e-gold account with this eCurrency, I found the right one. Fast proceding orders and top class support.

GoldEx worldwide eCurrency exchange - buy e-gold with credit card, bank wire, cash deposit, and Western Union. Full ecurrency exchange service includes e-gold, V-Money, E-Bullion, GoldMoney, Pecunix. Superior customer service and many easy contact options. GoldEx for all your online gold needs: http://www.GoldEx.Net

I just bought there more e-gold to boost my profit. Intially June profit % will go down, due to increased total investment, but I expected higher payout in a week.

goldex buy e-gold
GoldEx - e-gold funding by credit card

Monday, June 4, 2007

ALERT: Privatefin 2nd time

My withdrawals has not been completed in last 4 hours. As you may noticed, this HYIP was performing almost instant withdrawals. Normally such short delay is not a case for Alert but Privatefin has been doing great job as far consider speed and quality. I suggest all investors in Priavetfin to pay attention on this issue. It is still little too early for this program to get down...

Let's hope it is just some technical problem.

Update @23:42 - Privatefin finally paid all requested withdrawals. It seems everything is back to normal, I reinvested my profit.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

ALERT: Blue people 4th time

Nothing can surprise me with Bluepeople any more. At this moment withdrawals have not being processed for more than 40 hours. Of course they can pay back as they did after 3rd alarm, but if you had follow my signal, you should not invest in BP for some time now.

Again, they haven't close site yet, deposits are still possible. I hope of course they'll be back...

Friday, June 1, 2007

Structure of my May's portfolio

My profit from portfolio in May was more than twice as high as it was in April. This really successful outcome was a result of well planned investment of profit from all programs to Privatefin - which comes out as a very profitable. A very strong portfolio is build on the same three programs as in April:

  1. RTA online investment 50%
  2. Privatefin 26%
  3. Blue People 24%
I must spend a word or two on BluePeople (BP). Even tough they are full back (GHPi group has come back, and it was major reference for this program) and all alerts can be removed, it is risky to invest into BP.

My plans for June
As you may already guessed, I won't invest into BluePeople but I hope it will stay online. At this very moment, RTA is a way more stable and promising, while Privatefin is hot and profitable, so I see no reason why investing into BP. Another fact is that day or two ago my total withdrawals from BP were higher than total deposits, so I am in green numbers now and taking clear profit out of it.

As far it considers RTA, which is great program and I think every serious HYIP investor should include it into HYIP portfolio, I don't plan bigger investments in June.

My big plan this month is Privatefin. I strongly believe this really is a big money earning opportunity. And you could get your piece of cake in here too. In less than a month I managed with relatively small investment on special 9 days plan come to daily profit of over $52. My plan is to reinvest $53 every day into same plan, that means I will make slightly over $60 per day (9 times daily profit $6.7), what means $7 will remain on my e-gold account.

The whole idea is, to make a secure win in Privatefin regardless when it will go down. Well, it must stay up for some time, to start making clear profit. Staying on just $53 deposit every day and not boosting it up will make me sorry if this HYIP will last for one year, but $7 daily is very nice output. Think about that this means $210 monthly. And maximum loss at time when Privatefin will go down will be $468. Of course if can afford to invest more, you can adjust this approach to your fits, as well if you want to risk more, you can wait for higher daily deposit.