Friday, December 28, 2007

Review: Cash Advance Payday Loans

Some would think that loans can be the last solution in financial problems. I must admit, that some time ago I would share this opinion. Today I am looking to this issue differently. There are times when you need cash advance and as far as you are certain you will cover it, that’s just fine. Similarly payday loans can be much better solution comparing to bouncing checks, selling personal property, or other uncomfortable situations, when you are forced to borrow money from family and friends.

A payday loan (known also as paycheck advance or payday advance) is a small, short-term loan which is intended to cover a borrower's expenses until next payday. Typical loans are between $100 and $500, on a two-week term and have interest rates.

On website you can find a comprehensive list of online sites offering Cash advance loans. You can compare different sites and their advantages according to your needs, some sites offering up to $1500 loans. You will find advance tips and featured articles to understand better the background of online loans. This website will make your choice of proper online payday or loan lender much easier.

And finally, I’ve been thinking about combination of HYIP and other online investments and cash advance. I never really tried this combination, but it seems that with good experience in forex for example, and cash advance one would make good profit.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Monetize your blog or buy traffic to your site with

When I was starting to write this blog I also have an intention to make some profit out of it. That money I would transfer to HYIP and other activities.

I am consistently adding links to HYIP programs with referable link, but seems many users avoid or don't like to award pages like my blog is. They sign up the into HYIP, but they know how to remove referral ID. So no profit really here.

You can also notice AdSense ads here on this blog. Well, you would laugh if I will reveal what is my total earning in here. Maybe AdSense is profitable for large traffic sites, I don't know.

Recently I joined where I am offering my blog to possible advertisers. I can't say yet if this is now the real thing, since paid reviews had this advantage: it doesn't depends on my readers, but on advertisers. Will see and if it work out, I will write about it.

So if you'll see in here some strange reviews :) those are my sponsors paying me!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

FREE OFFER: get $7 worth report how to create .edu one way backlinks of gold to your site.

Recently I noticed, that traffic on my blog is not good. Partly it was my failure, since I abandon HYIP there was no such material to blog on. Partly is because my Google page rank is 0, what is not good... I checked the web, read some and find an interesting 11 pages report for which seller wanted $7 for report and $27 for resale rights.

Since I've made some good money at RTA online investment lately, I decided to buy that report and resale rights. What this report promises is on explained on website where I bought this report: How to Easily Create 10 to 15 College and University (.edu) Links to Your Site Every Hour.

I agree that tricks and hints in there are worth $7, that's not some serious money after all, especially after what they promise. The say, that

Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page. The number of backlinks is an indication of the popularity or importance of that website or page.

Search engines often use the number of backlinks that a website has as one of the factors for determining that websites search engine ranking.

These .edu links are like the holy grail!

Since holidays are here, I decided to give free this report to every reader of my blog, who would like to get it in exchange for link to my blog from your site(s). Send me an email to my address: (you can also use MSN or Yahoo instant messenger, same username as email) give me detail of your site where you put a link, and I'll send you 11 pages long report in PDF format.

UPDATE @ 4th Jan, 2008: This offer remains permanent!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Alert: Opentrade and web problems

It is not time to call Opentrade HYIP as scam or that will become scam, but sometimes web problems are first signs that certain HYIP is about to go down (or even worse, it won't ever come back again). This is not the case for Opentrade, I believe that soon page will be available. Nevertheless I'll keep an eye on this page closely, as I mentioned, I put minimal invest deposit recently.

This is what I received when I tried to log into my newly established Opentrade account:

Bad Gateway

The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.

Apache/2.0.52 (CentOS) Server at Port 80

Saturday, December 15, 2007

HYIP is like gaming

It has been some time ago, when I wrote that HYIP is almost all scam. And at that time I discontinued or better, my accounts were canceled an all investment programs with exception of RTA Online Investment . By the way, this site is still alive and I am very happy that I joined it almost a year ago.

Some days ago, I had a feeling, that HYIP is not bad and that with discipline it can be profitable in a way. But most of it, HYIP is adrenaline, is like a gambling, it is a game. Most of “players” are aware, that 99% of HYIP is scam and it will die sooner or later. The question is, weather you will withdraw your profit soon enough or high yield program will die and make you a loser.

So this gaming attitude is the reason number one, why I came back to the HYIP scene. I will track suspicious programs (again) and also give positive signals for HYIP that are promising. My deposits won’t be high, experiences from Privatefin are very alive – selective payments is the first thing which happen in potential scams. From my perspective I will take HYIP programs as MMORPG games, where monthly playing fees are around € 20.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Agloco - no money for users

As I predicted six months ago in Agloco hype , looks things are discontinued at the administrators part. From my point of view, Agloco concpet was already seen years ago in so called PaidForSurf activities, which resulted in one big scam for users. PaidForSurf sites did definetly take some profit.

I you were one of those unlucky Agloco members, who really run their viewbar, I hope you learned a lesson in here. Basicly looks, that nothing what is free result in money profit. And apparently not all activites (like majority of HYIP) which are conected with investing real money, result in money profit.

Here is copy of Agloco email I received some minutes ago:

AGLOCO Update Notice

Dear Matija,
We would like to update you on the status of AGLOCO's operations. We continue to believe in the AGLOCO concept, but our revenue is currently not sufficient to give Members a meaningful distribution. And though there are increases in membership, the resulting revenue is not enough to support operating costs. As a development team we are unable to continue to use our savings to fund the operations. If any Member would like to pursue continuing the operations of AGLOCO, you may contact us at .
We would like to thank every Member for supporting our effort to bring a piece of the Internet directly to the user. We hope that we can find a way to keep the operations going.
AGLOCO Development Team

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Galleon FX - managed forex, is this the key to real profit?

After disasterous results in HYIP, failer in gold trading and finally, due to lack of time and resources I was not able to run manual forex, I am now trying to make profit in forex managed account at Galleon FX.

This is now real thing. No more unsecure feeling about scam. Let me shortly look at this my new investment.

The site has very good instructions for filling up all forms and papers, since you need to get first signup a form for Galleon, then with their broker, FXCM. Both seems very stable in time and under control. Of course there is a risk of something bad happens and either company "die", but this is not so likely. Since Galleon is getting managed fee based on their performance from you, it is obvious their intention is to perform as positive as possible. All fine from this points. What else do we know?

When you sign up, you have to choose the currency USD or EUR for your account. In fact USD accounts have better statistics than EUR, for examle their USD Account was up about 75% in Septemberm, further more 18% in October for a total of 93% gross in just 2 months.

Their $1000 minimum special has been very popular with 50+ new clients in October. Those that got in and had accounts funded before the 15th are already looking at 15-20% gains in their account. As they have extended $1000 minimum investment for this month too, you just have some days to start a real investing, rather then scamy HYIP.

The FXCM offers very good web based look into account, so you see all open traders, history, current equity, for selected time period. Funding the FXCM account is easy, as you can use Credit cards.

Galleon FC performance over time

Galleon offers you great oppurtunity to take profit in violatile Money Exchange markets. Since managed accounts usually starts with over $25.000, you finally have a chance to enter with much smaller amount. And last thing: robot trading is usually not bringing such high profits as Galleon had it in September, but since it eliminates emotional weakness of a trader, it can become your profit maker.

Monday, November 5, 2007

How could we avoid the scam?

One thing which I learned in my one year activity in HYIP is, that it is crucial to get the feeling, when certain program will go down. There has been numerous signals we can learn - from some suspicion very attractive new offers to selective payments (no, I can't forget Privatefin SCAM). Let me show you, what I've learned from scam.

First signal, that something is going wrong was, when they announced, that Moneybookers is no longer a way of payment - what is very strange, since they suppose to operate with bets, and many bookies uses MB.

Second signal is something completely new to me. If one would check the date, until when domain name was registered, a very exact date of when site will go down could be announced. So when you invest, check also this rather small but seems important detail.

Today I did domain check again, similar as I did over a month ago in September, when bet-funds was down. What I found is, that domain name has been paid a week ago. What that means? Was original administrators so lame, that they forgot to pay for domain? Maybe this is not a scam after all, but rather unprofessional team with insufficient Internet knowledge?

Those questions will be clear soon. All records show, that today some guys from Italy are behind this. This is what I found on

Andrea ralli
via damiano chiesa, 5
roma, rm 00136

Registered through:, Inc. (
Domain Name: BET-FUNDS.COM
Created on: 11-Sep-06
Expires on: 11-Sep-08
Last Updated on: 25-Oct-07

Administrative Contact:
ralli, Andrea
via damiano chiesa, 5
roma, rm 00136

Technical Contact:
ralli, Andrea
via damiano chiesa, 5
roma, rm 00136

Domain servers in listed order:

So if you lost some money on bet-funds as I did, maybe it is time to stop losing your assets on scam HYIP. I closed all my HYIP activity or better, their admins scamed away. Therefore I suggest you my dearest reader, invest into proven programs. At this moment I can suggest you only one, RTA online investment, which will soon be online for a year, with honest and cooperative admin Max Willis behind. I remember how he was fighting when he came online with his Invest pool, that his program is not HYIP. Maybe I didn't understand him completely, but now I do. RTA may not have the highest profit, far from that, but it has stable daily profit, which will survive for a long time (while all those HYIP scams will die).

Keep your money safe and stay away from HYIP.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

ALERT: Phishing letter to e-gold users

I have just received a phishing e-mail with subject: Notification e-gold Accounts User Agreement Update, which is a very very dangerous. It is pretending it is official e-mail from e-gold, but it is not. If you'll enter your data on link, they will hack your account. BE AWARE! Always be sure you are logged to correct webpage. E-gold is using https protocol, while site you are forwarded on this pshising e-mail is under http. Spread the word!!! Protect your e-gold.

The messageI received is pasted here:

e-gold Users.
This is Letter from Dr. Douglas Jackson; Chairman, e-gold, Ltd.

e-gold and its Operator, Gold & Silver Reserve (G&SR®), including G&SR
exchange service OmniPay® in cooperation with the United States Government
and pursuant to a lawfully issued written request, from now we starting
verification of all our e-gold accounts.

e-gold operates legally and does not condone persons attempting to use
e-gold for criminal activity. e-gold has a long history of cooperation
with law enforcement agencies in the US and worldwide, providing data
and investigative assistance in response to lawful requests.

Click here to start verification of your e-gold account

I hope to have additional and useful facts shortly and will communicate
them when appropriate. I can assure you e-gold is up and running,
supporting its customers, and continuing to grow.

Dr. Douglas Jackson

This automatic email notice lets you know that modifications have been
made to the Account User Agreement for your e-gold account.

Please do not reply to this automatically generated email message.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

ALERT: Liberty Reserve - fake emails

Liberty Reserve (LR) is a very good alternative to e-Gold, but today they announced in their blog Alert. Fake e-mails has been sent from some hackers, so be aware if got any strange email in the name of LR with this content (copy paste from their blog).

------paste starts here--------
Dear Sir or Madam,
Our security department detected an IP access associated with your account indicating your account could be at risk. This is most likely due to keyloggers, trojans, viruses or some type of malware on your computer. Please clik here for protected your account. we most likley won't be able to help recover your funds in the event of a compromise,so it is highly recommended. Thank you.

Security Operations,
-- This message has been scanned for viruses and dangerous content by MailScanner, and is believed to be clean.

------paste ends here--------

DON'T CLICK on links if you got such an email. This reminds me on Blue people case, but this time the service producer (in this case LR) has done everything correctly, as there was no break into e-mail database.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Alert: What is wrong with Bet-funds?

A rather solid program, which was looking promising, has severe problems. After some days of unavailability of their website, they were back on Friday, with explanation of being bombed by ddos attacks. Everything fair and cool, but from yesterday site is down again. All signs shows that their domain name has expired a week ago.

To be honest, if this site goes down, I really have NO trust in either HYIP. Sooner or later they all die or better, escape with our money. In a way it sounds very pessimistic and also against HYIP of any kind, but yes, it looks that there is scam everywhere. And those, who try to be honest, are disqualified (case of RTA, where e-Gold deliberately tried to destroy reputation of honest admin) or they are too small to be seen in a huge box of scam junk.

I will continue to monitor the HYIP playground, where I've been over a year now. But my opinion on HYIP and other Internet money making has been very crystal by now:
It is better to lose your money yourself, then to leave some unknown scammers to take it away from you - just because their site looks nice!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Alert: Bet-funds website is not available

We can only hope that Bet Funds - Arb bets mutual fund website is down from some technical reason, ddos attack or something else. Such down times are never good signs, especially when not explained to users why it happened. Sooner it come up better, if there will be honest explanation, than BF is solid service. After all, I haven't made a preview of this investment opportunity.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

My HYIP portfolio in August

My profit on August was similar to that one from July. All profit was made exclusively in RTA Online Investment program, and I made 2.75% of profit from all invested money in 2007. There were better times, I agree fully. But my scepticism has been so strong, that I can not trust any program for which I am sure, it is not scam. Not much choice then, huh? And apparently there is also not much help in my blog for investors in HYIP.

Additionally also RTA has problems with e-Gold, which was quite common problem lately, as many accounts were frozen by e-Gold administration. Admin of RTA showed against great care and responsibilities for his investors and there is no doubt RTA will be back paying and accepting news deposits soon (if not already). All those problems influenced profit rate on RTA, so I hope there are much better times ahead.

Scepticism and low profits of my investments makes me rather desperate. I am searching for more stable and controllable ways of getting more profit out of Internet investment business. Something must be done in here, why there is so much scammers, I don't know. There is a good news about Privatefin scam - their page is finally dead.

As soon as I found something positive, I'll share it with you my reader.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Alert: Is connected with Blue People?

Some may remember one of biggest scams this year, Blue People, the HYIP in which I invested significant value, but my feeling was right and I escaped soon enough to get away with profit. Today I received an email from - the site I never opened nor clicked on the link.

Since I do strongly believe, that this site is connected with Blue People. Similar as their database linked once (or they sell it), this author is using similar writing style, similar spelling errors and email domain name country origin is same as Blue People had and most likely GHip too..

I suggest to stay away from this HYIP.

The email contents:
hide details 14:21 (9 hours ago)

16-Aug-2007 14:21

New HYIP! Whant to join private investment group?


Join New private investment group!
And earn profits from your e-gold!

Program stats at this time:
Accepts: e-gold
Started: Jul 17, 2007
Online days: 29
Members: 328
Invested: 54,276.00 USD

RON INVEST is an offshore company in Panama with a financial
license to manage 3. parts money. That means that we have legal
right to invest money on behalf of our members. RON INVEST is
owned by a Foundation in Panama for safety reason.

They invest the funds that receive from investors. The funds are
invested into high growth securities on all major stock markets
of the world. They also trade actively on the Forex market. They
do not limit theys operations only to online trading, they are
also involved in a number of offline investment sources that even
thought they are not as profitful as securities and currencies
trading, are worth investing in.

Investment group url is:

This is not spam
You have received this email because you visited our site or one of
our partnered sites and commenced registration to receive our newsletter.

Monday, August 6, 2007

ALERT: Privatefin - can it recover?

Today I received an email (Received: from ( []) from Privatefin admin with this context:

Hello ***** *******,

We just repair withdraw system, please withdraw again , sorry about that.


I thought it just happened - a miracle - and they will return my frozen deposits. But on the account same situation as in early June. I replayed with explanation, that my account is still not OK. We'll see what will happen. It could be just another trick to make people believe everything is OK. From my point of view, it will never be OK.

As soon as something new from them, I will blog about it.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My July portfolio

After negative experience from two months, now monthly profit from my signal is really small. Since my total investment (all time) is rather high - over $2000 and majority was lost in Privatefin, relatively small ($60) profit from only one HYIP RTA online investment is giving this the worst figure so far from April up to today. I must say a huge thank you to Max, admin of stable and genius RTA online investment who is keeping me alive in this rather hazardous online profit making activity called HYIP.

My suggestion at this time is, hold you money if you have some for a month or two. You can invest some in RTA of course, if you haven't any yet. Either way I am in contact with my good Internet friend from Indonesia, who has proven to be great Forex market expert. He promised to start managed Forex accounts at that time.

One more thing, as some are interested what happened with my "fight" against Privatefin Scam. After I sent e-mail to e-gold with details on my deposited batches to Privatefin, I received reply in less than an hour (they have really good support), the content of their reply I am pasting in here:

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We have investigated
acct #4465029 and have placed a block on their account which will prevent
them from receiving any further spends into their account. Unfortunately we
will not be able to refund your money because an e-gold spend is not
reversible as stated in the e-gold account user at

For more information on High Yield Investments you may want to visit

e-gold Abuse~

Monday, July 16, 2007

Back from vacations

Today I've returned from summer vacations. It was nice and I must say that computer free zone can be sometimes even healthy. Neverthelss it seems I haven't get over Privatefin scam. My decision was clear, to keep on telling the truth through this blog and I also contacted e-gold support for abuse issuse. I received very fast response, they are asking me to send details of batches spent on their e-gold account.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Structure of my June's portfolio

June was far the worst month in my several months of active HYIPing. When I thought that I survived unexpected close of Bluepeople, I was a victim of selective payments at Privatefin. The problem of Privatefin I explained several times and it is not my intention, to go back with it. The program is still online and paying small withdrawals. There is no doubt, it is a scam. And my big plan collapsed. The lessons I've learned: NEVER invest "big" deposits. My total equity in Privatefin was slightly over $1000.

Despite the very bad performance, I made 25% profit in June, but that doesn't mean a lot. Major part of this profit was reinvested back into Privatefin. The only profitable program was again RTA online investment . This is now one and only program I invested also in Bet Funds - Arb bets mutual fund, but I used compound option one year, so I didn't add it to my portfolio. My plan is also to write an review of Bet Funds... Basically you can invest there without much worries about this is a scam.

My plan in July? I plan to go on vacation into computer free zone to get some rest of my bad performance. I got some ideas for future, I plan to reveal details this week. Generally I won't invest I won't withdraw in June, I will stick with approximately $2 daily profit from RTA. Oh, and another plan is to meet admin of RTA in real life (!!!), Max who is also regular reader of my blog, if everything will go as planned.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I feel bad

Lately I've been so depressed after unsolved issue with Privatefin, that I lost quite some motivation to write some useful information in my blog. Sorry for that. But over $1000 lost in Privatefin don't give me any positive thought. I am not negative person, but it really pisses me off such events as this one. And what hurts the most is, Privatefin is operating, majority of users are getting paid, monitors are showing green light, status paying. GIVE ME A BREAK!

And it is quite the same on forums. Now follow my advice, when HYIP has some kind of problems, when you see one user is not getting withdrawals, when site is going down to often, stay away. You may miss the timing sometimes, but hey, sooner or later, every HYIP ends. I badly judged one HYIP, but most scams I left before they shutdown their doors. If you check my posts back, I had bad feeling about Privatefin already. I should quit when they come back after one weekend downtime for their site. But.. what is done is done. Now I can wait to get back money on other programs...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Inovative approach to HYIP Monitoring - RTA Monitor

Maybe you have noticed maybe not, but I am not too excited about HYIP monitors. Mostly because they work great since they are soon in and get a lot of referrals. For themselves. I was even paying one month for the HYIP signal, the final result was negative profit, especially if I add fee I paid for signal.

RTA online investment manager and admin Max has come out with unique and innovative idea in his Monitor released just some minutes ago. He signs up incognito, so other admin will be able to connect him to his monitor. I love that. Because this is just a good way how to detect tricky scammers who some weeks before they run away with money keep on paying monitors and still have paying status on their sites.

So if you want to be sure, where you put your money (and you don't find site listed in here on my blog:) ), go and check RTA monitor - your reliable private eye!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Details on my Privatefin account

Since there have been quite unclear, if Privatefin is scam or not, I decided to post my case backed up with current screenshots from my account. Normally I wouldn't do that, but I believe it is in common interest of you, my dear reader, to keep you informed. The message is clear: STAY AWAY FROM PRIVATEFIN. So far I've sent 3 emails, on three different addresses from their support. I received no reply so far. Think about it... it could be you, and your $900.

It could be a technical mistake, I don't know, but it would be fair they fix it up and inform investors.

  1. First screenshot - my account; things to watch there ACTIVE DEPOSIT $914.70 and also take a look at AVAILABLE WITHDRAWAL $0.01.
  2. On second screenshot you can see my latest deposits. Last is from Jun-7 and all are made in special plan, what means 9 days. Now we are Jun-14 according to Privatefin server. So if everything would work ok, only last two deposits should count for active deposits, right? Based on that, this should be around $300 . Remember, on my account active deposit is over $900 for 5 days now. I did not receive any daily profit.
  3. Last screenshot are my withdrawals. You can clearly see, that my withdrawal request from Jun-10 had never been processed. Description there is empty. Last larger sum withdrawed was on Jun-7. Withdrawal on Jun-13 was test, when I successfully got paid $0.40 from referral deposit.
I hope I was clear enough. And it really is all about the money and if they took mine, please don't give them yours. Unless this issue is resolved.

GoldEX website under ddos attack

Cyberterrorists had attacked GoldEX web, what makes it to go down. That's why some of the pictures are not shown on my blog too. Anonymous visitor also posted a comment, that something is not ok with payment, but it seems that this attack is the issue.

There is no doubt they will fix the servers, so if you have a pending order with GoldEX I think you have nothing to worry, just be patient.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hard times for my portfolio

After strange thing happened in Privatefin, where there I haven't received profit and withdrawals from this weekend on, my portfolio is badly hurt. Instead of $900 which were profit my rather excellent management and all deposited in Privatefin, nothing of that came back to me. The one and only daily portfolio is based now only on one program - RTA online investment. I must say, that this is the only secure and profitable place I am willing to invest more at this time.

Some of my money is also in Bet Funds - Arb bets mutual fund, but I don't consider these investments as a part of my daily or monthly portfolio, as I compounded deposits there for one year. I plan to write a review on this program soon.

Nothing hurt me as bad as Privatefin, especially because everything looks normal, most users report no problem, so I wonder why it hit me. Especially after I made fair and correct review, so it should not be something personal. For example, that Privatefin admins would deliberately blocked my account.

I plan to post some screenshot of my Privatefin account withdrawals. After two emails I've sent to support, no reply I received even they claim to answer all emails in 24 hours. Well, they obviously don't.

Think before you reinvest in Privatefin, that you won't be sorry as I am now.

Monday, June 11, 2007

ALERT: Privatefin - scam

After waiting for today, nothing turned out to be positive for Privatefin. This time I misjudged HYIP program, it went down a way too soon. Nevertheless there were some signs this is a scam, but everything looks like technical problems. Anyway, another school for next time. I need more strict timing in here.

The situation at this moment is, that Privatefin are not giving daily profits and they are holding withdrawals. DON'T DEPOSIT IN HERE!

Possible scenarios:

  1. They will come back, paid everything, give back missed interested for 2 days. And after some days, they will disappear.
  2. They won't come back (most likely), but they will still take deposits.
  3. Third most unlikely scenario is, that they had some problems over weekend, and they'll come back and everything will turned back to normal.
Either way, I am out of here. If I will get withdrawals back, I definitely won't invest in here.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

ALERT: Privatefin 3rd time

Similar as previous weekend also this time withdrawals are on hold - over 12 hours. The truth is, that some members claim to received withdrawals with 48hrs delay. Site is not down, deposits are possible. But to be honest, I don't like it when HYIP has so many problems. Tough the profits out of Privatefin are rather high and made my portfolio faster then ever, I am thinking of pulling out my deposits from this program.

After watching statistics on the first page, some doubt my be raised if this is actually true statistic.

Let's wait until tomorrow.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Gold lowest after 11th March

Those who are familiar with Forex trading know the importance of the gold price. Current low price for them won't matter much, as markets are closed over the weekend. But what does it mean for HYIP investors?

A lot. With good handling of short term deposits and available withdraws, you can get some percents just from good timing. Current low price of gold which will last fixed over the weekend is an opportunity to buy gold, to withdraw money from your HYIP balance. Wait for Monday or Tuesday and reinvest it. I expected that gold will go back up, first trends of rising were shown just at the end of a trading day.

Of course all HYIP are not suitable for such manipulation with gold prices, since they don't provide instant withdrawals. Very good HYIP to manipulate with gold price is without a doubt Privatefin, but also RTA online investment provides fast withdrawals.

Anyway, keep an eye on gold, I am constantly watching it despite my fiasco when I traded with gold on Forex market.

In chart you can see closed price for gold at 645.60. US $ is getting stronger last two days, but we can speculate to hit back 672.00 soon, and 660.00 in near future.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Interesting view on Forex trading

Recently I read a very intersting article on forex trading. It is exactly what was my experience in forest 7 months of trading. Even tough I am fully aware that 7 months means in trading that I was still a newbie, I spent a significant time online attached to Metatrader windows. Trying everything, from system to signals, from news to economic reports. And yes, I was doing small but steady profit which was giving me a reason to continue. Untill I did a fatal mistake, trying fight the trend without stop loss.

I hope, that my HYIP investments will go on well, so far is looking very good and I plan a comeback.

Oh, and I almost forgot to give you a link to that article:
Currency Trading Systems - The Fatal Mistake That Ensures Losses 95% of the Time.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Agloco hype

For quite some months Agloco team was promising release of its viewbar. Today it was finally released, after some of members were very sceptical it will ever comes out. The philosophy behind this project is simple: the need to get as many members as possible, show them banners and get the profit, share it between members.

It is free, no investment needed. You are actually selling your space on screen (same area as status Windows bar at bottom of the screen). Register, download, install, view. And get as many referrals as possible. The reason why you'll need referrals is in limited monthly time you will get paid: 5 hours of active showing on your desktop, or screen, if you want.

My plan with Agloco:

  • It is nice, because it is free, I joind 4 months ago, but I didn't want to start getting referrals untill release the viewbar.
  • I remember some 4 years ago, when first viewbars with same idea came online, Paid2surf category, all projects finished and I got no profit there. So I am rather sceptical with this one as well, but it can get you some small profit.
  • It is worth to test it.
Since the Agloco website is under heavy traffic at this time (many members downloading viewbar), make no mistake and don't pick viewbar from other sites than original!!! You can get malicious program.

If you register HERE, you'll be in my referral
(same as in other links to HYIP on this site) and I am very thankful for your trust and respect. I'll keep you guys informed on what is going on.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Where to buy e-gold?

After I've tried different approaches how to load my e-gold account with this eCurrency, I found the right one. Fast proceding orders and top class support.

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I just bought there more e-gold to boost my profit. Intially June profit % will go down, due to increased total investment, but I expected higher payout in a week.

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Monday, June 4, 2007

ALERT: Privatefin 2nd time

My withdrawals has not been completed in last 4 hours. As you may noticed, this HYIP was performing almost instant withdrawals. Normally such short delay is not a case for Alert but Privatefin has been doing great job as far consider speed and quality. I suggest all investors in Priavetfin to pay attention on this issue. It is still little too early for this program to get down...

Let's hope it is just some technical problem.

Update @23:42 - Privatefin finally paid all requested withdrawals. It seems everything is back to normal, I reinvested my profit.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

ALERT: Blue people 4th time

Nothing can surprise me with Bluepeople any more. At this moment withdrawals have not being processed for more than 40 hours. Of course they can pay back as they did after 3rd alarm, but if you had follow my signal, you should not invest in BP for some time now.

Again, they haven't close site yet, deposits are still possible. I hope of course they'll be back...

Friday, June 1, 2007

Structure of my May's portfolio

My profit from portfolio in May was more than twice as high as it was in April. This really successful outcome was a result of well planned investment of profit from all programs to Privatefin - which comes out as a very profitable. A very strong portfolio is build on the same three programs as in April:

  1. RTA online investment 50%
  2. Privatefin 26%
  3. Blue People 24%
I must spend a word or two on BluePeople (BP). Even tough they are full back (GHPi group has come back, and it was major reference for this program) and all alerts can be removed, it is risky to invest into BP.

My plans for June
As you may already guessed, I won't invest into BluePeople but I hope it will stay online. At this very moment, RTA is a way more stable and promising, while Privatefin is hot and profitable, so I see no reason why investing into BP. Another fact is that day or two ago my total withdrawals from BP were higher than total deposits, so I am in green numbers now and taking clear profit out of it.

As far it considers RTA, which is great program and I think every serious HYIP investor should include it into HYIP portfolio, I don't plan bigger investments in June.

My big plan this month is Privatefin. I strongly believe this really is a big money earning opportunity. And you could get your piece of cake in here too. In less than a month I managed with relatively small investment on special 9 days plan come to daily profit of over $52. My plan is to reinvest $53 every day into same plan, that means I will make slightly over $60 per day (9 times daily profit $6.7), what means $7 will remain on my e-gold account.

The whole idea is, to make a secure win in Privatefin regardless when it will go down. Well, it must stay up for some time, to start making clear profit. Staying on just $53 deposit every day and not boosting it up will make me sorry if this HYIP will last for one year, but $7 daily is very nice output. Think about that this means $210 monthly. And maximum loss at time when Privatefin will go down will be $468. Of course if can afford to invest more, you can adjust this approach to your fits, as well if you want to risk more, you can wait for higher daily deposit.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Review of Privatefin

There are many kind of HYIP sites and first feeling of an experienced HYIP player (investor if you wish) is most cases the right one. Privatefin is a promising program. It is obvious that they have spent money on design and that gives us a hope that this site will be online at least some months. There has been some tough moments already as site was not available but everything was settled down.

Program started in May 2007, I can see it online in July 2007, if it doesn't get too hot. It is quite warm already with nearly $100.000 total deposits and $20.000 withdrawals. We can only hope that published statistics are true.

One of important things, when you go investing in here is the fact, that they have automatic withdrawal to your e-gold account (other e-currencies are not supported). Almost instant withdrawal is important and you can get some good profit with good timing. Withdraw your balance from Privatefin when gold price is low and invest when it is high. Playing with this reminds me on Forex trading, so those familiar with Forex can use their experience in here. I personally check price of gold on Kitco, what gives you enough information to make it the right way. If you are afraid to do it right, the best time to withdraw and deposit is either very fast or on weekends, when markets are closed.

Back to the program... I like it. But be careful the daily percent profit should be understand correctly. First of all, this site doesn't return initial deposit, your daily profit is all what you get. You can find high percents for three types of time periods: special plan for 9 days, daily for 180 days and weekly for 25 weeks. Also different profit ratio is established depending of the size of deposit. Let us see only the smallest amount from $1 to $50. Actual daily percents are quite different among three plans available.

For your deposit up to $50 you will daily get, clear profit (total profit minus deposit):

  1. In daily plan: 1.44% of your deposit, for 180 days (you are paid in 24 hrs from deposit);
  2. In special plan: 1.09% of your deposit, for 9 days (you are paid in 24 hrs from deposit);
  3. In weekly plan: 1.93% of your deposit, for 175 days (you are paid in 7 days from deposit).
My plans with Privatefin:
In most optimistic way this site will stay online for 6 months... could be even more. I'll watch it closely and keep you updated. At the moment all my HYIP profits are linked into Privatefin. Good luck with this top class designed HYIP.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

ALERT: Blue people 3rd time

Today BluePeople sent all unpaid withdrawals some were older then 3 days. That's nice but that alert should not be removed, due to the following facts:

  • as usual, there has been no explanation what happened;
  • majority of investors will start to withdraw their profit without rolling it back to BluePeople, so size of withdrawals will be bigger than deposits;
  • there has been no proof that BP are investing our money, so most likely is just another game based on reinvestments;
  • I can't forget that in early beginning we got a special offer to invest in some extra BluePeople plan, which was a scam indeed. I never found an answer, where scammer got a database of its users. Quite some people were scammed, the BP explanation was quite ignorant saying: "Don't invest in our program in other ways but through our website."
Advice: I don't suggest to invest into this one, 110 days is rather long term and BP is full of negative surprises.

Friday, May 25, 2007

RTA has gone fully transparent

Today a great new feature at RTA online investment has been published as promised by administrator Max. This program has published its statistics, what means users have full overview of profit earning and income as well as number of users and total points purchased. I must say that I am fascinated by decision of administrator to show those figures, as something like this I haven't seen in HYIP so far. No site actually shows how they make profit neither they publish it.

For all those expertes who marked RTA as solid program was the fact of variable profit. And now we can see, that this variable daily profit ratio really have some figures behind.

Let us look to some of statistics, we can get out from data published.

For the period of 11th January 2007 when RTA went online, up to today:

Total number of users: 508
Average points purchased per user: $13.36
Average daily profit: 0.75%
Total RTA revenue: $2384

From the graph we can see the trend of daily RTA revenue, which shows that it is nicely increasing. In other words, there is bright future for RTA!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

ALERT: Blue people 2nd time

I sincerly hope that all readers of this blog didn't make any further investments since my last Alert on BluePeople. I haven't been paid now for over 24 hours, what was normally not a case. My belief is, that BluePeople is down. There is still possible to deposit money, so watch out and don't get scammed by this one.

UPDATE: Site is unavailable at the moment...

Monday, May 21, 2007

My May's portfolio already higher than April's

This month my portfolio structure was very well chosen. Three major invest programs were stable and successful. The total profit will be exceed 20% monthly, what is great achievement. The main reason of this are with no doubt very stable RTA and very aggressive only two weeks old Privatefin.

Despite the early warning on Blue People, this program has been paying us on time, but due to rather negative news all my new deposits were linked to Privatefin.

My current portfolio structure:

  1. RTA online investment 59 %
  2. BluePeople 28 %
  3. Privatefin 13 %

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Alert: Privatefin

At this moment, Privatefin website is down. Usually this is not good sign, I hope it will come back soon with explanation. As we know many HYIP sites are under DDOS and other hacking attacks. Either way, when site is down that's bad news, no doubt, but this was just too soon.

My investment in Privatefin is not big, but the profit made so far was promising. It should be back.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Why I am out of Forex trading at the moment?

That's a question some of visitors of my blog are asking. There is simply not right time for me. One thing is e-Gold issue and second is that I spent all my equity in Forex account due to really bad mistake. Therefore I am 100% focused on HYIP and my target is to get extra $2000 from HYIP. That amount I'll transfer to my Forex broker.

I plan to wrote some Forex truths I've learned. When that will be, I am not sure. At the moment I am doing research on 2 other HYIP in my portfolio.

Generally I am very happy with my profit from portfolio.

Monday, May 14, 2007

ALERT: Blue People

Different sources claim, that GHip Group stoped paying its members. As I mentioned in BP Review, the association with GHip and BP makes Blue People strong. With collapse of GHip BP could be soon down. I don't plan more deposits in BP at the moment.

Review of RTA online investment

When I evaluate an investment program, before I enter, I do many calculations, investigations etc. As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I just have enough of scam. To be honest, RTA passed all my tests with excellence.

RTA got:
- an active, cooperative and most of it, flexible and smart administrator Max Willis;
- very transparent program with no fancy website, variable profit and method of calculation of profit is available;
- a real business behind, RTA is generating its profit through different ways of advertising;
- low but steady daily profit and one of the best referral rates 20%!!! (what makes sense, as you receive points from referrals, not $ as in other programs - Max wants to increase traffic to his site);
- very fast payments.

I was trying to find downside of this program, but there is no such thing, which would made this program less risky than any other similar among wast supply of HYIP and other investment options.

The average daily profit was from 9-feb-2007 up to today 0.58% what is, by my opinion very good - in just 4 months your purchased points will return your investment through withdrawals, every day more will be pure profit. Just to remind you, that there is no time limit on deposits in RTA, as you buy points, and that's your key to share of RTA total profit. So as long Max will be working on his RTA program, you will get your share.

My plan with RTA
I would definitely suggest a sign up and spend of at least minimum deposit ($1), that's why I will keep on adding new deposits. BTW: don't get confused by $500 limit, which is meant only for one but not total deposits. This seems to be an excellent long time profit investment. And my first choice as you can see in my portfolio.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Structure of my April's portfolio

My profit in April was based only on two HYIP programs - RTA and Blue People. More than 70% of my portfolio was in RTA. The structure for May has not changed significantly.

The 19% profit was calculated as total withdrawal or reinvested profit in April divided by total investment in those two HYIP (all time).

Friday, May 11, 2007

Review of Blue People HYIP

Philosophy behind HYIP is basicly identical for all programs. If you follow some simple rules, it really doesn't matter if the program is ponzi (scam) or not. You must enter soon enough and get out before they run away with your money.

I am not saying at this time, that Blue People (BP) is ponzi scam neither that it is not a ponzi, but it is stable and relaviely safe to invest at this time.

What we have to know about BP?
- they are connected with GHPi Group which is running stable and online for relatively long time and that implies the fact, that BP can stay alive over 6 months from now;
- 1.6% daily profit (every day), minimum investment $50;
- my experience is, that they are paying ontime and fast, generally in less then 20 hours;
- they come from German spoken territory, so don't get upset if you see news in German;
- there is no compounding available, so you have to manage your reinvestments manually, your deposits are locked for 110 days;
- even tough site is using relatively primitive design, don't be afraid, as their investment plan is much better (GHPi background);
- finally, a wide variety of deposit options offers posibilities to invest from: e-gold, Bank Wire, e-Bullion, and, that is definetly a good sign.

My plan with BP
Since I've entered into BP very early (that's very important and I'll keep you posted on hourly base, if promising HYIP and other possibilities of earning appear) in February 2007, I will keep on adding new deposits and reinvestments since my first deposit will expire or if I will receieve $50 daily profit. When one of this condition will happen, I'll start withdrawing all profits, except my initial deposits, which will be invested back. My strategy may of course change, but generally the clue to success in HYIP (to receive profits of the size I am quoting on my site) is to have a clear idea of your plan and discipline.

Good luck in BP.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

E-generation is down

For some time there has been indicated, that Egeneration website is not working, and even longer they are not paying. My signal when to left this program was perfectly set, even tough site was surprisingly long online - at least one month after I withdrawed my last deposit, they were still paying.

Generally I can say, that current programs under recommended HYIP are quite safe. Especially RTA would be my first choice at the moment.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Forex danger - trading with gold

Say no to gold.
For more then half year in the forex business I lost nearly $1000 of investment. What I learned from this lessons is, whatever you do, don't trade with gold. It is to risky and it can go up and down uncontrolled. Only trade currencies. But most of all, be sure to try demo with virtually money first!!!

Online broker is the key!
If you go for real money, don't spend in on bad forex online broker, which offers small minimal deposit, like $5 or something. Why? Most like it doesn't use meta trader client. And it have spread which will kill your profit.

Example of bad broker: Marketiva.
Examples of good brokers: NorthFinance - min. deposit $100 and Neuimex min deposit $250.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Is all HYIP scam?

As I was scammed several times 6k-finance, Eurtrade if only to mention some, I learned fast to recognize the real thing. At the moment some of HYIP which looks quite serious aren't very promising.

A3Union for example looks professional. But they support simply doesn't work. I withdraw my deposit as soon as it was possible.

Of course on other side, I have very positive experiences.

Egeneration HYIP

If you are experienced in this buisiness than you know: you should get into invest program fast and when it becomes hot, exit it. Egeneration served me good. From November 2006 up to today I've made clear profit of nearly 2000$ including intial deposits. This site gives you 45% of interest each month. First interest is in 5 days and it is 5% of your deposit. With some smart caluclating, you can reinvest from balance.

Nevertheless, my feeling is, that this site will go soon down. How soon, who knows. But it may be online for month or two.

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