Monday, May 28, 2007

Review of Privatefin

There are many kind of HYIP sites and first feeling of an experienced HYIP player (investor if you wish) is most cases the right one. Privatefin is a promising program. It is obvious that they have spent money on design and that gives us a hope that this site will be online at least some months. There has been some tough moments already as site was not available but everything was settled down.

Program started in May 2007, I can see it online in July 2007, if it doesn't get too hot. It is quite warm already with nearly $100.000 total deposits and $20.000 withdrawals. We can only hope that published statistics are true.

One of important things, when you go investing in here is the fact, that they have automatic withdrawal to your e-gold account (other e-currencies are not supported). Almost instant withdrawal is important and you can get some good profit with good timing. Withdraw your balance from Privatefin when gold price is low and invest when it is high. Playing with this reminds me on Forex trading, so those familiar with Forex can use their experience in here. I personally check price of gold on Kitco, what gives you enough information to make it the right way. If you are afraid to do it right, the best time to withdraw and deposit is either very fast or on weekends, when markets are closed.

Back to the program... I like it. But be careful the daily percent profit should be understand correctly. First of all, this site doesn't return initial deposit, your daily profit is all what you get. You can find high percents for three types of time periods: special plan for 9 days, daily for 180 days and weekly for 25 weeks. Also different profit ratio is established depending of the size of deposit. Let us see only the smallest amount from $1 to $50. Actual daily percents are quite different among three plans available.

For your deposit up to $50 you will daily get, clear profit (total profit minus deposit):

  1. In daily plan: 1.44% of your deposit, for 180 days (you are paid in 24 hrs from deposit);
  2. In special plan: 1.09% of your deposit, for 9 days (you are paid in 24 hrs from deposit);
  3. In weekly plan: 1.93% of your deposit, for 175 days (you are paid in 7 days from deposit).
My plans with Privatefin:
In most optimistic way this site will stay online for 6 months... could be even more. I'll watch it closely and keep you updated. At the moment all my HYIP profits are linked into Privatefin. Good luck with this top class designed HYIP.

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Anonymous said...

Program seems cool.
But the thing that worries me is that automatic payment.
I remember several hyips years ago that had automatic payment option, then they suddenly closed because hackers broke their automatic paying system and stole their money. So it seems unsafe...
(Or was it a lie and they were just scammers? I'm not sure.)