Monday, March 16, 2009

Website hosting directory

If you look for a webhosting, look no further! Recently I discovered website hosting rating site, which has a comprehensive overview of webhosting sites. And it is more than just a rating site. You can find there reviews, rating, comparisons among different services. And actually this site really can come in handy. How many times my friends are asking me, where they can get good hosting. I remember that year ago I spend hours of googling to get a good price performance Windows hosting service. Now with this site, you really have everything on the same place.

Some may find useful directory of Hosting Awards 2008, but I found a diamond in CMS web hosts listing. Since Joomla is getting more and more popular even among less technical webmasters, here you can found best Joomla host in 2009. Of course other hostings listings including phpBB, Wordpress, PHPWiki and many others are available.

Finally you shouldn't miss articles section, which explains almost everything about hosting: from installation guides to articles such as The importance of Domain names, which gives a valuable information to everyone who is a content provider.