Monday, July 16, 2007

Back from vacations

Today I've returned from summer vacations. It was nice and I must say that computer free zone can be sometimes even healthy. Neverthelss it seems I haven't get over Privatefin scam. My decision was clear, to keep on telling the truth through this blog and I also contacted e-gold support for abuse issuse. I received very fast response, they are asking me to send details of batches spent on their e-gold account.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Structure of my June's portfolio

June was far the worst month in my several months of active HYIPing. When I thought that I survived unexpected close of Bluepeople, I was a victim of selective payments at Privatefin. The problem of Privatefin I explained several times and it is not my intention, to go back with it. The program is still online and paying small withdrawals. There is no doubt, it is a scam. And my big plan collapsed. The lessons I've learned: NEVER invest "big" deposits. My total equity in Privatefin was slightly over $1000.

Despite the very bad performance, I made 25% profit in June, but that doesn't mean a lot. Major part of this profit was reinvested back into Privatefin. The only profitable program was again RTA online investment . This is now one and only program I invested also in Bet Funds - Arb bets mutual fund, but I used compound option one year, so I didn't add it to my portfolio. My plan is also to write an review of Bet Funds... Basically you can invest there without much worries about this is a scam.

My plan in July? I plan to go on vacation into computer free zone to get some rest of my bad performance. I got some ideas for future, I plan to reveal details this week. Generally I won't invest I won't withdraw in June, I will stick with approximately $2 daily profit from RTA. Oh, and another plan is to meet admin of RTA in real life (!!!), Max who is also regular reader of my blog, if everything will go as planned.