Friday, February 29, 2008

Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Bad credit is a reality for millions of Americans, making it difficult for these consumers to build the future they envision for themselves and their families. Fortunately, there are lenders who are willing to give those with bad credit a second chance. is a leading comparison website for people with bad credit -- featuring credit cards, home loans, auto loans, personal loans, and much more. The site's "bad credit credit card" section compares 10 of the top credit cards on the market for bad credit and provides links to their online applications. Consumers can apply for the offer that's right for them, and by making payments on time they can start down the road toward rebuilding their credit and, perhaps, their financial future.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

FFG Trading - HYIP but I invested $ there

Yes... I said no more HYIP, I wrote that no more HYIP investments will be made after collapse of RTA program. That was only HYIP I ever believed in, as admin behind was one of the most beloved admins in HYIP.

So what makes me spend couple of bucks in the FFG trading? Good idea, fair plan, transparent activity and professional design with adequate DDOS and other protection. A wide variety of investment packages as they call them at with two basic orientations: daily and weekly.

The only thing which bothers me is design and look of FFG website. Visually it reminds me on one hyip which was the only one I really made and took a profit (E-generation). FFG trading is accepting all major processors for e-currency (e-gold, Liberty reserve and e-bullion). It is of course unknown for how long ). Since FFGFFG Trading will be online, but I think it can stay online for 2 cycles of their premium plan. So roughly 18 weeks. If you'll sign in, using this referral link will :) bring me some credits on my account. Thank you!!!

Online casino guide for gambling

Since my blog is moving from HYIP and Forex only topic to other ways of "how to make money online", I have to mention also online gambling. This is kind of special way of how to make money, since it applies far more fun than other ways. Online casinos are made of high quality graphics so players can face really high gaming experience.

For a beginner online gambling is not so easy to start as it may seem. There are thousands of online casinos; some are good some are bad, some pay, others have strange rules, there are also some which simply don't accept US players etc. Recently I found a site, which provides Online casino links. In fact not just links, but much more than that. On you can find a professionally made guide, which offers links with reviews, ratings and other information needed when you are deciding, at what Casino you'll start to play. Special section provides special guide for beginners, what is a very valuable reading.

From blackjack to poker you can find explanation and all important information about certain game nicely presented with all relevant links. Finally Online casino links website gives you also links to get bonuses on certain gambling services. I may try online gambling after reading all FAQ in there and maybe I'll spend some $ on gambling too.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

ALERT: e-gold users received phishing email

Several times phishing emails were sent to e-gold users and it looks that more is yet to come. Different scamers search for an oppurtunity to hijack your identity. Hint is simple: Don't click on any link directly from email.

e-gold Account User Agreement Modification

hide details 07:55 (40 minutes ago)


24 Feb 2008 07:55

e-gold Account User Agreement Modification
Modifications have been made to the e-gold Account User Agreement.
New Version as of 23 February 2008 are displayed below for your review

e-gold Account User Agreement
Last modified: 2008-02-23


3.7.1. Issuer will produce and maintain a Privacy Policy, which will be
publicly available at the e-gold website. In the event of any conflict
between the Privacy Policy and this Agreement, the terms of this Agreement
will control.

3.7.2. Unless (1) otherwise approved by User or (2) ordered by a court or
arbitration body of acceptable jurisdiction, as determined by Issuer or (3)
necessary, as determined by Issuer, to investigate suspected illegal activity
or violations of the e-gold Account User Agreement to protect Issuer or Users,
Issuer shall not reveal User's contact or identifying information or transaction
history to any third party.

3.7.3. Issuer will not store Passphrase in plaintext. No employee of Issuer will
ever ask for Users Passphrase.

You must agree to New e-gold Account User Agreement, if you want countinue using
e-gold Account.

To do this click link below to login to your e-gold Account and
select the appropriate button to continue using e-gold Account.

Click here to agree to New e-gold Account User Agreement

Please do not reply to this automatically generated email message.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Galleon FX - problems, crisis or opportunity?

In one of my posts I asked myself: Galleon FX - managed forex, is this the key to real profit? I have entered into managed forex in October 2007 and had some good times with them and also bad times. But most of time my equity was higher than initial deposit. But in January and February Galleon FX did perform very bad. If I look at my equity today, I from the date I opened an account up to now my initial deposit has been lowered by 35% of initial deposit.

One would say that Galleon is not working well. In fact on first glance this is correct, but I personally will stay with Galleon as some of investors start to closing their accounts. From my point of view this is not correct decision, as Galleon proved to be rather stable and they did always recover from down trends. Take a look at graph:

In February this trend already starts to turning, and it may be a sign of coming uptrend. Galleon FX reacted to to recent draw down and now is minimum deposit for opening an account just $2000. So another reason to take advantage of Galleon.

The truth: my feeling is, that managed account are not suitable for investors who have some knowledge in Forex markets. My February performance is much better than one of Galleon. But it is a trade of! I can't trade Forex every day, while Galleon can make me profit while I am asleep, on vacation or doing other work.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

ALERT: e-gold users again hit by phishing emails

Again new form of phishing emails have been seen on users mailboxes. This time with slightly different content and maybe even more persuasive. There is nothing much to say about this hostile attempts to take over your account. DON'T CLICK ON LINKS FROM YOUR EMAIL. If you do so, you can lost your assets. recently we saw cyber mafia in case of RTA, we are getting phishing emails on weekly basis, there a damn hostile world out there in online investment community.

The question is, can such things can be stopped. I wish I had an answer on that, but I don't see too bright future on such activities. Looks that many people are to naive and such attempts are successful. Therefor we should all expect more phishing emails in year 2008. Here is copy paste of the lastest phishing sent to my account (clickable links removed and marked with red).

to me
show details
22:47 (1 hour ago)
** Your e-gold Account Blocked from Incoming Spends. **

Items updated: Blocked from Incoming Spends
Time of update: 2/9/2008 5:30:32 AM GMT

A Block has been applied to your e-gold Account.
No payment can be made to this account while a block is in place.
If you have any questions regarding this block, please direct them
to your intended counterparty rather than to

To remove Block from your e-gold Account, you must verify your ID
by clicking this link:
Remove Block from e-gold Account

This automatic email notice lets you know that modifications have been
made to the Account Information settings for your e-gold account. The
current settings for your account can be viewed at the e-gold website by
choosing the Account Info menu selection while accessing your account.

Please do not reply to this automatically generated email message.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

RTA destroyed by cyber criminals

We are used to good news and when time comes also to bad news. But sometimes bad news are terrible news. This is what we can say about RTA online investment program established by one and only fair admin I ever had contact with: Max Willis.

Everything looks so promising for RTA when Max gave me an exclusive interview. Optimism, fair play and good plan waved from his answers. From the time when he started his program, I was promoting him and some of readers of my blog signed as my referrals. RTA was steady income, no-scam, no cheating HYIP. Response from admin was always on time, bugs were fixed in no time, I don't recall serious downtimes of website. But... there are evil people out there, who are using extremely aggressive ways to steal money from online investing and other businesses.

One would say, that RTA is just a scam and Max is running away with money. Wrong! Max has already returned deposits to those users, who made more deposits than withdrawals. Just another good proof how honest and good RTA program was.

I don't want to reveal details what happened in case of RTA since admin of RTA published his story on temporary webiste available on But I don't tolerate such cyber gangsters. With end of RTA I am definitely stepping out from HYIP. Some days ago I was thinking about changing my blog's name and it looks I have a good reason to do it.

My primary focus on online investment are now: forex, betting and web advertising. And I wish that Max will some day return with his unique and inovative approach to online money investing. I think you share this with me, don't you?

Monday, February 4, 2008

Monetize your blog with Smorty

Among many ways how to earn money on internet Forex, betting and HYIP are most extreme options. They are based on your input – deposit which is initially your money. Extreme options give extreme profit or in many cases loss.

But there is one very stable way of getting good money. Instead your money, you input your time. If you are serious online investor, you should start at least your own blog (as I did) online. Depends of quality of your posts and traffic to your blog, your blog will become interesting for advertisers. You won’t believe how many bloggers blog for money. As long you are familiar with English language and willing to write opinions, services etc., you can use service like Smorty – it connects advertisers with bloggers.

Advertise on blogs seems to be easier than ever. I will keep you informed how profitable Smorty is. But first impression is that this my be best of services of its kind. Smorty uses friendly user interface, which is easy to operate. Just have in mind, that your blog should meet Smorty's requirements - you will get feedback if your blog won't meet requirements.