Monday, January 7, 2008

Exclusive interview with Max Willis - RTA administrator

In some days RTA online investment will have its first birthday. Yes, one year online and every single day RTA was making profit for its users. On time withdrawals, quick support in case of problems... One couldn't believe, that there is one person behind. Maybe one of the most beloved admins in HYIP community. One year online proves that he is going for long haul. I feel honored that he gave me this exclusive interview.

1. What is your worst experience as regards RTA in last year? Was it negative experience with e-Gold or something else?

First of all, I'd like to say hello to you and your readers as well. As for my worst experience, I could say that e-gold is one of the worst. After the indictment that everybody knows of, I heard that lots of accounts are being blocked. After a while, mine was blocked as well. I did all I was asked to, but they decided not to unblock my account. It was a big setback, but I've managed to settle it by switching to Liberty Reserve and everything went back to normal, little by little. I just didn't want to quit, and most of my users that supported me, helped me stand by that decision.

2. The RTA is unique in many ways. In positive sense. What would you point out as most important and significant difference to other similar programs as yours?

First and foremost, RTA is based on creating revenue, not just collecting deposits. What I mean by creating revenue is advertising in the first place. Later on, I decided to introduce variety of revenue sources, so there is the monitoring revenue, as well as investing in offline mutual funds. This revenue is divided among users according to the number of points they collected.

3. Lately you haven't been as active as we were used to on your website. No contests, no special actions... even forum on your site seems you are using just to answer questions. Can you comment this?

I admit you are right, but there is a simple answer to that: I am bit occupied with running RTA as it is, since I do it in my spare time, plus there has been some problems that I had to take care of (e-gold for example) and took me lot of time. But don't worry, this year I will definitely have more spare time to make RTA running much better and some of my ideas include some kind of lottery for points (now that you mention contest), some kind of quiz, and even the community pages where every user could have their personal page. I just gave you the exclusive! :)
What I will definitely do this year is redesign of the site and make the whole program closer to the classic type of investment programs, where user will be able to sell their points or to withdraw their initial deposit. I'm sure that many users will be please to know that!
Although it might sound as new idea to some people, let me remind you that was something I announced from the launch of the RTA. This will definitely happen this year, my estimate is around summer.

4. You never really tried to hide who you are and where you live. Many or maybe all other administrators in online "Making money business" are rather under cover. Did you ever feel sorry to do that?

No. I was sure that all I do is right, and everybody will be in profit; so there is no reason that anyone would be mad at me.

5. Apparently you have many skills, are you running RTA alone, or there is a group behind?

At the moment, there is no group in common sense of that word. But I built many friendships among the users and there has been very helpful! I can say that one of them are you, Thorest, and I was glad to give you the interview.

6. And the final question, how would you comment from financial point RTA so far? Is it beyond or above expectations?

I've been honest so far, and I'll try to keep it that way: I am a bit disappointed with the growth of marketing revenue, I must admit that. We all see the growth of points, but the growth of the marketing revenue is not so high; it's more like the constant. The growth of the number of users and visits to the web site haven't really resulted with the growth of the advertising; it's the paradox that I don't have an answer to, maybe my users are a bit lazy? :)
Nevertheless, that is why I introduced other means of revenue, as I answered your second question. And more the time passes, you will notice that RTA will depend more on profits other than advertising, but it will keep on going this way or the other. (Of course, I will never use any kind of criminal activity to bring the profits into RTA, you can count on that)

7. Oh, and the last thing.. is there anything you would like to say to readers of my blog?

I admit I was your reader since you've posted your first post and I find your blog very interesting. I would like to give my best regards to all your readers and invite them to visit RTA site to learn more - and don't stop reading Thorest's blog!

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Hi, Thorest!
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BTW, I like the introduction also :)

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