Saturday, January 26, 2008

ALERT: Another e-gold phishing email

Some minutes ago I received another try to catch my e-gold information. NEVER click on such links. Here is an email I received (clickable links removed), if you got something like that, delete it. And inform your friends, referrals and downline on e-gold with all means possible.

to me
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16:49 (2 hours ago)
** Necessary examination of your e-gold account address **

This automatic email notice lets you know that your Account Information for your
e-gold account is incorrect and examination of your e-gold account address

You must as quickly as possible verify your address.
To verify your Account Information address please click on this link:
Examination of e-gold account

This email was sent from e-gold Ltd ( ).

ABOUT e-gold
e-gold is an electronic currency, 100% backed by physical gold in allocated storage,
that empowers people to use gold as money. e-gold is integrated into a secure account-based
payment system, operating globally 24/7, featuring instantaneous payment settlement with no
charge back risk, at lower cost. Shopping cart, automation, and mobile phone interfaces are
available. Operational since 1996, e-gold has settled over 79M transactions, serves customers
in 165 countries, and has a circulation of more than 2.4 metric tonnes of e-gold.

Thank you for using e-gold!

Please do not reply to this automatically generated email message.

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