Wednesday, January 9, 2008

ALERT: Liberty Reserve website down

Despite advance notification from Liberty Reserve, that their service will be offline today on 09 January between 08:00 and 09:00(GMT), the site is DOWN now for more then 12 hours. This is not good for HYIP world, as it is not possible to do the transfers. Even I am waiting for important deposit I simply have to make, and this downtime already make me impossible to do profit.

Guys at LR will have to explain that, nevertheless they made a warning of possible DDOS attack Since December they obviously received quite some threats from hackers. Last one was on 3rd January this year... their message to users was short:

Possible Outages

We apologize for any possible outages in the near future due to a possible DDOS attack. This time, no specific threads or demands were made.

Apparently LR has some problems, either with hardware or software, or they have been dosed. WE should give them some time, I am sure they'll be back with an explanation.