Thursday, March 1, 2007

Is all HYIP scam?

As I was scammed several times 6k-finance, Eurtrade if only to mention some, I learned fast to recognize the real thing. At the moment some of HYIP which looks quite serious aren't very promising.

A3Union for example looks professional. But they support simply doesn't work. I withdraw my deposit as soon as it was possible.

Of course on other side, I have very positive experiences.

Egeneration HYIP

If you are experienced in this buisiness than you know: you should get into invest program fast and when it becomes hot, exit it. Egeneration served me good. From November 2006 up to today I've made clear profit of nearly 2000$ including intial deposits. This site gives you 45% of interest each month. First interest is in 5 days and it is 5% of your deposit. With some smart caluclating, you can reinvest from balance.

Nevertheless, my feeling is, that this site will go soon down. How soon, who knows. But it may be online for month or two.

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