Thursday, January 29, 2009

First post this year - it's a shame

Maybe one would think, that I disappear or something. Well, I am here and surprisingly well, but the time is still major constrain. After finding out in 2008 that HYIP is no go, I rediscover two possible way of relatively but stable income source on the Internet. It would be sport betting, namely horse betting and forex trading. In the time when everyone is talking about economic recession, those two ways are most promising.

As far considers forex trading I would say, that you stay out of anything what is called managed, signal or automatic. At least for me it doesn't work, and it didn't... and prolly it never won't. I plan to get back into manual trading, but it takes time to catch the skills back. I am so rusty, you can't believe that.

For betting - things are slightly different. Some may recall I was writing about this in Free Forex and betting signal over Twitter . This signal over Twitter actually is still available, but I made complete reconstruction of my reverse engineering application, so now, when I have time, around 1pm GMT+1 post a horse bet prediction - when available. As always I am full of plans, but not all are feasible. My idea is to apply the same mechanism on UK soccer league. What will come out of this, I will keep you posted.

But generally, since lack of time, I am much more active on Twitter, so follow me on