Saturday, April 26, 2008

Free Forex and betting signal over Twitter

My last decision was to start publishing my two signals: forex and betting. And best tool to do that is by my opinion Twitter - micro blog service. For some days you can see in left column my Twitter updates. There are not only signals, also other quick short tweets I read, so you can track what I do virtually in real time. It is much easier to post such signals and short messages on Twitter. It is best that you check how it looks yourself on my Twitter page.

my own business with Couple of months I started my own HYIP. Since I was so frustrated my scams around, I startInternet investment. Manual and managed forex, horse and soccer betting, stable HYIP and some other sources were the core of my HYIP. For a month or two, everything went very good. Weekly profit was around 5%. Then equity on forex account was significantly hit by bad position and crisis of USD. Since then my HYIP haven't recovered yet. But I decided to share my signals, which can help you to succeed with same tools I've made over 20% monthly profit. And I am still using it!

It is an automatic signal and it predicts sell and buy orders when it is triggered. A very nice performance was Friday's profit based on first signal posted on Twitter of almost 100 pips! Tool for this signal I bought 10 months ago. Generally it works ok, but sometimes you have to watch for other variables which influence the forex market like economic news. Since I trade mostly Cable, GBP/USD pair is included in signal.

Since I wanted to have as much as possible portfolio of my HYIP, I made my own reverse engineering tool for betting. At the moment system is in test phase for horses, but model is made also for soccer. Results for horses are still testing, so use them with caution and on your own risk. The system reached 64% win ratio, but it should be above 80%. High ratio is needed due to the fact, that I use only lay system. This system is a result of over 1 year of practising betting for real money and program is made in collaboration with one of my HYIP investors.

In future I plan to spend more posts on betting, since this seems one of very good money making activities online - especially since it is not influenced by current bad economic moment and obvious forthcoming global recession.

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--pandi merdeka nurdiansyah-- said...

waiting for your signal,, wohooo .......

Coach Thorest said...

Sorry guys, I was away on vacations. Since I work on some other projects, if I would announce my absence in advance, that would make me more vulnerable. I will do my best with signal.

winner said...

Thanks to the blog owner. What a blog! nice idea.