Friday, April 11, 2008

Bogdan Pop's Blog visited

Interesting Blog by Bogdan is covering three major areas: web development, photography and DJing. His blog itself reveals that he is good in programing and web technologies. WordPress powered blog has been his own design so you can see yourself his skills. Recently Bogdan posted an article on Web development, Photography, Dj-ing in which he delivered proofs about his SEO skills. Interesting topic for most of us, who think in a way how to monetize our blogs. It will be interesting to track his new activities on search engine optimisation. I hope that he will be willing to reveal some of his secrets. Tips and tricks on SEO have been always attractive for bloggers and other web authors.
As we can expect from a web developer, this page brings best context in an area of web developing. As it is expected author is posting his articles regularly so we can expect daily new content.

Keep up the Good work Bogdan!