Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Summary for March

Sometimes is good to make a summary, so I decided that important months will be captured into small report about my posts I have created previous month. As some may recognised I have tried to build up Google page rank on my blog, which remains just PR 1. Blogroll for manual link exchange and Blogrush for automatic syndication network were added to blog.

Summary of March posts

Most visited single post on my blog in March was one of the old ones dated back in October ALERT: Liberty Reserve - fake emails. Many similar alerts follows also this year, but mostly they targeted e-gold online currency. This post is important as it reminds up that also popular Liberty Reserve can be overtaken by evil hackers.

Here are notable posts from this month:

  1. Get paid to take "easy" surveys deals with really easy way to get some $ with writing 2-3 sentences about website. It is not classical survey site you may expect. Strongly recommended.
  2. Another interesting HYIP - Cropinvcashco was one of my latest proven HYIP's which is still active. I said I am out of HYIP, but this site convinced me to play with some money.
  3. FFG trading changed to FFG traders and finally gave us big relief as with more posts about the problems followed us whole month. So over a month old post "FFG Trading - HYIP but I invested $ there" proved that this was a good choice. I predicted 18 weeks of life for this HYIP, 12 more yet to go.

Webtraffic of this blog

To be honest, this is a small blog so far in sense of number of visitors. In March here made a visit 390 users, while absolute unique visitors were 291. Total number of pageviews was 735.

Top 5 keywords from search engine visitors were
  1. ffg-trading
  2. galleon fx
  3. ffg trading
  4. opentrade
  5. credit card to liberty reserve
Among referring sites there is no blog or website which would made significant traffic to my blog.

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