Friday, March 18, 2011

Rio Tinto Limited @ Business Spectator

Those who were reading my real-time trading blog when I was ob peak full time trading in Forex can remember, this: information is worth the fortune. Financial news, economy news and even other major events can influence how currencies moves. Same goes for stocks and other financial institutes.

Presentation of Rio Tinto Limited on Business Spectator which is excellent website since it provides a free real-time, 24/7 business news and commentary, has come to my attention. Business Spectator provides timely and indispensable information for people involved in business, finance, and other the professionals. Investors can found valuable information on this website.

As far considers rio tinto, you can get all interesting information on this site. You can track company latest price, RIO stock price chart from today to up to 10 years scale, and from the content point of view there is a rich and up-to-date information about company news and company commentary. Interactive RIO stock price chart gives additional possibilities for all those interested in price changes and trends.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Adblock Plus for Chrome - must have extension

Most of experienced users among us heard about the termin browser wars. Many of web surfers probably noticed that those time when user had to choose between two browsers are over. Some time ago when I was trying to find a good, fast and reliable browser, one of options was Google's Chrome. At that time Chrome was my choice and the best choice. But compared to previous browser I used at time Chome had some limitation. Extensions for example were not fully developed and implemented at that time.

Nowadays Chrome is fully loaded with extensions. One of them is Chrome Adblock which makes generally faster browsing experience since it blocks all ads automatically, no distractions with help of very good and several sources with lists. Adblock Plus for Chrome is simply must have software (or better extension). And best of all this essential extension is free to use. Forget web ads, it works seamlessly on Facebook ads as well.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Magnalight - lights and more lights

When I visited the website I was really surprised. So many lights, so many types of them and a wast offer of different types of lights and other products. Magnalight by Larson Electronics LLC offers high quality and professional products. Golight spotlights, explosive proof lights, solar powered lights, LED lights, HID lights and more and more. Lights with remote control and real military equipment can be found on this website. If you need a lights which you plan to use as vehicle lights, work truck lights, heavy equipment lights, boat lights and equipment lights you must check Magnalight website.

All lights and other equipment have detailed technical information and description available with pictures and even videos in some cases for the most attractive products in shop. At the time when I was visiting this website Live support for customers was online. This web shop accept Credit cards and Paypal. Visti this website and buy Golights online.

What about...

creating new blog? Or maybe even two blogs. I have been thinking about this idea in the past since after all my experiments how to get money and profit from Internet showed two major income possibilities: sports betting and Forex. And for those who doesn't want to take risk, well for them, there is also less profitable but stable ways of profit like Banner advertising, writing reviews and similar activities.

So I have two particular type of blogs in mind: that about betting, where I could post my betting signal for football games and second one is about my forex system or maybe better philosophy which had made some profit in the past year on demo account but when it was applied to real money it failed. Recently my evaluation answered all those X variables previously unknown to me. So why my method doesn't work on real money account? Because starting with 100€ or $ is everything but safe.

I go on with my methods - ready to share all my knowledge with you. If you are ready for some profit of course.