Saturday, October 20, 2007

ALERT: Phishing letter to e-gold users

I have just received a phishing e-mail with subject: Notification e-gold Accounts User Agreement Update, which is a very very dangerous. It is pretending it is official e-mail from e-gold, but it is not. If you'll enter your data on link, they will hack your account. BE AWARE! Always be sure you are logged to correct webpage. E-gold is using https protocol, while site you are forwarded on this pshising e-mail is under http. Spread the word!!! Protect your e-gold.

The messageI received is pasted here:

e-gold Users.
This is Letter from Dr. Douglas Jackson; Chairman, e-gold, Ltd.

e-gold and its Operator, Gold & Silver Reserve (G&SR®), including G&SR
exchange service OmniPay® in cooperation with the United States Government
and pursuant to a lawfully issued written request, from now we starting
verification of all our e-gold accounts.

e-gold operates legally and does not condone persons attempting to use
e-gold for criminal activity. e-gold has a long history of cooperation
with law enforcement agencies in the US and worldwide, providing data
and investigative assistance in response to lawful requests.

Click here to start verification of your e-gold account

I hope to have additional and useful facts shortly and will communicate
them when appropriate. I can assure you e-gold is up and running,
supporting its customers, and continuing to grow.

Dr. Douglas Jackson

This automatic email notice lets you know that modifications have been
made to the Account User Agreement for your e-gold account.

Please do not reply to this automatically generated email message.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

ALERT: Liberty Reserve - fake emails

Liberty Reserve (LR) is a very good alternative to e-Gold, but today they announced in their blog Alert. Fake e-mails has been sent from some hackers, so be aware if got any strange email in the name of LR with this content (copy paste from their blog).

------paste starts here--------
Dear Sir or Madam,
Our security department detected an IP access associated with your account indicating your account could be at risk. This is most likely due to keyloggers, trojans, viruses or some type of malware on your computer. Please clik here for protected your account. we most likley won't be able to help recover your funds in the event of a compromise,so it is highly recommended. Thank you.

Security Operations,
-- This message has been scanned for viruses and dangerous content by MailScanner, and is believed to be clean.

------paste ends here--------

DON'T CLICK on links if you got such an email. This reminds me on Blue people case, but this time the service producer (in this case LR) has done everything correctly, as there was no break into e-mail database.