Thursday, December 30, 2010 Christmas Signs review

A web site which really have a lot of interesting offers as it offers creating customized Christmas signs. And much more, as the title of this blog post shows. It is the most comprehensive overview of web sites which offer web hosting. If you search for a sign, this is the best page to use. You can use custom design or template to create your masterpiece for your sign. And much more. Actually I was surprised how low prices are for such custom designed signs as you are guided step by step; from choosing material of sign (huge variety of options from plastic to aluminium) to what will be the message on such banner. As expected, you can choose the size of banner. I like when information is provided in a simple way and this really is user friendly website.

Signazone made a great opportunity that everyone, business or personal have a chance to create his/her own banner.
Reading this site I am thinking about creating such a banner, but since Christmas and New Year are almost past, I will find some other theme - as from the website you can see there are plenty of holidays and special events covered with premade templates. Did I mention that bannerslook fantastic? Well, go and check your self, follow the link above.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Magicmercury Blog visited

Interesting Blog by a writer from Sweden has something what one would expect from a serious blogger: a regular flow of posts. Author is focused on all aspects of Life: from pets to movies. A really wide topics covered, excellent reading.

Among hundreds of posts I found something from the area I found myself an expert: forex trading. Also post related to financial and insurance topics can be found on this blog. Soon there will be one year since this blog is online with nearly 300 posts it really give an impression of frequency.

I was impressed by something I haven't see in any blog visited so far; My disclosure policy. The author added a clear explanation of intention of his blog. The idea is very lucid and I would suggest to other bloggers with similar background to think about write down such disclosure policy.

Good work Magicmercury!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No blog posts doesn't mean nothing is going on

The title explains everything, I hope. Last months I have spend a lot of time especially on betting prediction application I was writing several times last year. The basic idea is that it works. My method which combines different concepts including some learned in the forex trading (having in mind Fibonacci approaches) is doing great. So far not all my bets were made with real money but on my Twitter account you can follow the history of my betting signal. Time and energy put into this betting project was rather high and slowly I expect it to generate some profit. It is about time my brothers would say.

Football bets are so cool
So from betting perspective, free demo signal will go on. I am combining now two strategies. One is using mulitples the other is laying on under 2.5 goals. Both strategies I use only for Premier League, I bet no other matches. Month ago I was running a weekend project where I tried to apply my knowhow to wider selection of European leagues. But the results were rather bad, so my decision for now is to stay on England Premier League only.

The short term plan is now to stay keep on sending out weekly signal - every week approximately 24 hours ahead of match. Since I bet with Betfair, my signal gives best results with this betting company. If you however don't have an account, please leave a comment here and I'll send you special referral code, which gives you the following: "Join Betfair right now, simply by clicking here. Once you've earned 210 Betfair Points we'll automatically put €20 into your account."