Monday, May 19, 2008

Summary for April

The idea about writing monthly overviews of my posts seems to be an interesting approach. Such information is valuable when we analyse development of the blog. Either way month of April was rather volatile, compared to March. Biggest improvement was in dramatic increase of Google Pagerank for this blog - from 1 to 3! From the technical point of view the big news is added Twitter widget on left, where you can get Twitter updates. This microbloging service offers faster information; finally my blog has become a relevant source of forex, betting and HYIP signals - what was the initial goal over a year ago.

Most read April post
Similar as in March, also in April the most read page was one from the past ALERT: Liberty Reserve - fake emails. That is a good confirmation that many useful information for users can be found in old posts.

Here are some notable posts from April:

  1. Free Forex and betting signal over Twitter is definitely the biggest value added in last months or even more to this blog. I decided to share Forex signal, which is mostly focused on GBP-USD, Horse betting with focus on UK races and later on I will start to publish also Soccer signals for matches. Statistics so far show that forex signal was 100% profitable with over 90 pips in just one day, and just today first horse bet signal was issued with perfect hit.
  2. Find out why Ad Sense is scam reflects my feelings when I found out, that Google suspended my Ad Sense account. It is up to reader to judge if I used word SCAM too easy. I still think that this was unfair.
Blog statistics

Comparing to Summary for March we can see that in April my blog had less visits and less pageviews. Also number of pages viewed on visit was smaller. Nevertheless the ratio of new visits remains the same. I hope that with the new content especially the signals, this blog will gain more readers.

Top 5 keywords from search engines were:
  1. ffg-trading
  2. scam
  3. liberty reserve down
  4. ffg-traders
  5. galleon fx
Here is Top 10 blogs that sent traffic to me:
Thank you all and everyone of those bloggers for their links.