Thursday, August 16, 2007

Alert: Is connected with Blue People?

Some may remember one of biggest scams this year, Blue People, the HYIP in which I invested significant value, but my feeling was right and I escaped soon enough to get away with profit. Today I received an email from - the site I never opened nor clicked on the link.

Since I do strongly believe, that this site is connected with Blue People. Similar as their database linked once (or they sell it), this author is using similar writing style, similar spelling errors and email domain name country origin is same as Blue People had and most likely GHip too..

I suggest to stay away from this HYIP.

The email contents:
hide details 14:21 (9 hours ago)

16-Aug-2007 14:21

New HYIP! Whant to join private investment group?


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RON INVEST is an offshore company in Panama with a financial
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right to invest money on behalf of our members. RON INVEST is
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They invest the funds that receive from investors. The funds are
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do not limit theys operations only to online trading, they are
also involved in a number of offline investment sources that even
thought they are not as profitful as securities and currencies
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Investment group url is:

This is not spam
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Monday, August 6, 2007

ALERT: Privatefin - can it recover?

Today I received an email (Received: from ( []) from Privatefin admin with this context:

Hello ***** *******,

We just repair withdraw system, please withdraw again , sorry about that.


I thought it just happened - a miracle - and they will return my frozen deposits. But on the account same situation as in early June. I replayed with explanation, that my account is still not OK. We'll see what will happen. It could be just another trick to make people believe everything is OK. From my point of view, it will never be OK.

As soon as something new from them, I will blog about it.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My July portfolio

After negative experience from two months, now monthly profit from my signal is really small. Since my total investment (all time) is rather high - over $2000 and majority was lost in Privatefin, relatively small ($60) profit from only one HYIP RTA online investment is giving this the worst figure so far from April up to today. I must say a huge thank you to Max, admin of stable and genius RTA online investment who is keeping me alive in this rather hazardous online profit making activity called HYIP.

My suggestion at this time is, hold you money if you have some for a month or two. You can invest some in RTA of course, if you haven't any yet. Either way I am in contact with my good Internet friend from Indonesia, who has proven to be great Forex market expert. He promised to start managed Forex accounts at that time.

One more thing, as some are interested what happened with my "fight" against Privatefin Scam. After I sent e-mail to e-gold with details on my deposited batches to Privatefin, I received reply in less than an hour (they have really good support), the content of their reply I am pasting in here:

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We have investigated
acct #4465029 and have placed a block on their account which will prevent
them from receiving any further spends into their account. Unfortunately we
will not be able to refund your money because an e-gold spend is not
reversible as stated in the e-gold account user at

For more information on High Yield Investments you may want to visit

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