Monday, August 6, 2007

ALERT: Privatefin - can it recover?

Today I received an email (Received: from ( []) from Privatefin admin with this context:

Hello ***** *******,

We just repair withdraw system, please withdraw again , sorry about that.


I thought it just happened - a miracle - and they will return my frozen deposits. But on the account same situation as in early June. I replayed with explanation, that my account is still not OK. We'll see what will happen. It could be just another trick to make people believe everything is OK. From my point of view, it will never be OK.

As soon as something new from them, I will blog about it.


mbongwe said...

Sorry to disappoint you, Thorest, that email is sent to everyone :( I.e. it's not about your specific issue

Coach Thorest said...

Thank you mbongwe, I thought that there is something like this. It was very unpersonal... Prolly just last kick before they went offline.