Monday, May 28, 2007

Review of Privatefin

There are many kind of HYIP sites and first feeling of an experienced HYIP player (investor if you wish) is most cases the right one. Privatefin is a promising program. It is obvious that they have spent money on design and that gives us a hope that this site will be online at least some months. There has been some tough moments already as site was not available but everything was settled down.

Program started in May 2007, I can see it online in July 2007, if it doesn't get too hot. It is quite warm already with nearly $100.000 total deposits and $20.000 withdrawals. We can only hope that published statistics are true.

One of important things, when you go investing in here is the fact, that they have automatic withdrawal to your e-gold account (other e-currencies are not supported). Almost instant withdrawal is important and you can get some good profit with good timing. Withdraw your balance from Privatefin when gold price is low and invest when it is high. Playing with this reminds me on Forex trading, so those familiar with Forex can use their experience in here. I personally check price of gold on Kitco, what gives you enough information to make it the right way. If you are afraid to do it right, the best time to withdraw and deposit is either very fast or on weekends, when markets are closed.

Back to the program... I like it. But be careful the daily percent profit should be understand correctly. First of all, this site doesn't return initial deposit, your daily profit is all what you get. You can find high percents for three types of time periods: special plan for 9 days, daily for 180 days and weekly for 25 weeks. Also different profit ratio is established depending of the size of deposit. Let us see only the smallest amount from $1 to $50. Actual daily percents are quite different among three plans available.

For your deposit up to $50 you will daily get, clear profit (total profit minus deposit):

  1. In daily plan: 1.44% of your deposit, for 180 days (you are paid in 24 hrs from deposit);
  2. In special plan: 1.09% of your deposit, for 9 days (you are paid in 24 hrs from deposit);
  3. In weekly plan: 1.93% of your deposit, for 175 days (you are paid in 7 days from deposit).
My plans with Privatefin:
In most optimistic way this site will stay online for 6 months... could be even more. I'll watch it closely and keep you updated. At the moment all my HYIP profits are linked into Privatefin. Good luck with this top class designed HYIP.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

ALERT: Blue people 3rd time

Today BluePeople sent all unpaid withdrawals some were older then 3 days. That's nice but that alert should not be removed, due to the following facts:

  • as usual, there has been no explanation what happened;
  • majority of investors will start to withdraw their profit without rolling it back to BluePeople, so size of withdrawals will be bigger than deposits;
  • there has been no proof that BP are investing our money, so most likely is just another game based on reinvestments;
  • I can't forget that in early beginning we got a special offer to invest in some extra BluePeople plan, which was a scam indeed. I never found an answer, where scammer got a database of its users. Quite some people were scammed, the BP explanation was quite ignorant saying: "Don't invest in our program in other ways but through our website."
Advice: I don't suggest to invest into this one, 110 days is rather long term and BP is full of negative surprises.

Friday, May 25, 2007

RTA has gone fully transparent

Today a great new feature at RTA online investment has been published as promised by administrator Max. This program has published its statistics, what means users have full overview of profit earning and income as well as number of users and total points purchased. I must say that I am fascinated by decision of administrator to show those figures, as something like this I haven't seen in HYIP so far. No site actually shows how they make profit neither they publish it.

For all those expertes who marked RTA as solid program was the fact of variable profit. And now we can see, that this variable daily profit ratio really have some figures behind.

Let us look to some of statistics, we can get out from data published.

For the period of 11th January 2007 when RTA went online, up to today:

Total number of users: 508
Average points purchased per user: $13.36
Average daily profit: 0.75%
Total RTA revenue: $2384

From the graph we can see the trend of daily RTA revenue, which shows that it is nicely increasing. In other words, there is bright future for RTA!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

ALERT: Blue people 2nd time

I sincerly hope that all readers of this blog didn't make any further investments since my last Alert on BluePeople. I haven't been paid now for over 24 hours, what was normally not a case. My belief is, that BluePeople is down. There is still possible to deposit money, so watch out and don't get scammed by this one.

UPDATE: Site is unavailable at the moment...

Monday, May 21, 2007

My May's portfolio already higher than April's

This month my portfolio structure was very well chosen. Three major invest programs were stable and successful. The total profit will be exceed 20% monthly, what is great achievement. The main reason of this are with no doubt very stable RTA and very aggressive only two weeks old Privatefin.

Despite the early warning on Blue People, this program has been paying us on time, but due to rather negative news all my new deposits were linked to Privatefin.

My current portfolio structure:

  1. RTA online investment 59 %
  2. BluePeople 28 %
  3. Privatefin 13 %

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Alert: Privatefin

At this moment, Privatefin website is down. Usually this is not good sign, I hope it will come back soon with explanation. As we know many HYIP sites are under DDOS and other hacking attacks. Either way, when site is down that's bad news, no doubt, but this was just too soon.

My investment in Privatefin is not big, but the profit made so far was promising. It should be back.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Why I am out of Forex trading at the moment?

That's a question some of visitors of my blog are asking. There is simply not right time for me. One thing is e-Gold issue and second is that I spent all my equity in Forex account due to really bad mistake. Therefore I am 100% focused on HYIP and my target is to get extra $2000 from HYIP. That amount I'll transfer to my Forex broker.

I plan to wrote some Forex truths I've learned. When that will be, I am not sure. At the moment I am doing research on 2 other HYIP in my portfolio.

Generally I am very happy with my profit from portfolio.

Monday, May 14, 2007

ALERT: Blue People

Different sources claim, that GHip Group stoped paying its members. As I mentioned in BP Review, the association with GHip and BP makes Blue People strong. With collapse of GHip BP could be soon down. I don't plan more deposits in BP at the moment.

Review of RTA online investment

When I evaluate an investment program, before I enter, I do many calculations, investigations etc. As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I just have enough of scam. To be honest, RTA passed all my tests with excellence.

RTA got:
- an active, cooperative and most of it, flexible and smart administrator Max Willis;
- very transparent program with no fancy website, variable profit and method of calculation of profit is available;
- a real business behind, RTA is generating its profit through different ways of advertising;
- low but steady daily profit and one of the best referral rates 20%!!! (what makes sense, as you receive points from referrals, not $ as in other programs - Max wants to increase traffic to his site);
- very fast payments.

I was trying to find downside of this program, but there is no such thing, which would made this program less risky than any other similar among wast supply of HYIP and other investment options.

The average daily profit was from 9-feb-2007 up to today 0.58% what is, by my opinion very good - in just 4 months your purchased points will return your investment through withdrawals, every day more will be pure profit. Just to remind you, that there is no time limit on deposits in RTA, as you buy points, and that's your key to share of RTA total profit. So as long Max will be working on his RTA program, you will get your share.

My plan with RTA
I would definitely suggest a sign up and spend of at least minimum deposit ($1), that's why I will keep on adding new deposits. BTW: don't get confused by $500 limit, which is meant only for one but not total deposits. This seems to be an excellent long time profit investment. And my first choice as you can see in my portfolio.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Structure of my April's portfolio

My profit in April was based only on two HYIP programs - RTA and Blue People. More than 70% of my portfolio was in RTA. The structure for May has not changed significantly.

The 19% profit was calculated as total withdrawal or reinvested profit in April divided by total investment in those two HYIP (all time).

Friday, May 11, 2007

Review of Blue People HYIP

Philosophy behind HYIP is basicly identical for all programs. If you follow some simple rules, it really doesn't matter if the program is ponzi (scam) or not. You must enter soon enough and get out before they run away with your money.

I am not saying at this time, that Blue People (BP) is ponzi scam neither that it is not a ponzi, but it is stable and relaviely safe to invest at this time.

What we have to know about BP?
- they are connected with GHPi Group which is running stable and online for relatively long time and that implies the fact, that BP can stay alive over 6 months from now;
- 1.6% daily profit (every day), minimum investment $50;
- my experience is, that they are paying ontime and fast, generally in less then 20 hours;
- they come from German spoken territory, so don't get upset if you see news in German;
- there is no compounding available, so you have to manage your reinvestments manually, your deposits are locked for 110 days;
- even tough site is using relatively primitive design, don't be afraid, as their investment plan is much better (GHPi background);
- finally, a wide variety of deposit options offers posibilities to invest from: e-gold, Bank Wire, e-Bullion, and, that is definetly a good sign.

My plan with BP
Since I've entered into BP very early (that's very important and I'll keep you posted on hourly base, if promising HYIP and other possibilities of earning appear) in February 2007, I will keep on adding new deposits and reinvestments since my first deposit will expire or if I will receieve $50 daily profit. When one of this condition will happen, I'll start withdrawing all profits, except my initial deposits, which will be invested back. My strategy may of course change, but generally the clue to success in HYIP (to receive profits of the size I am quoting on my site) is to have a clear idea of your plan and discipline.

Good luck in BP.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

E-generation is down

For some time there has been indicated, that Egeneration website is not working, and even longer they are not paying. My signal when to left this program was perfectly set, even tough site was surprisingly long online - at least one month after I withdrawed my last deposit, they were still paying.

Generally I can say, that current programs under recommended HYIP are quite safe. Especially RTA would be my first choice at the moment.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Forex danger - trading with gold

Say no to gold.
For more then half year in the forex business I lost nearly $1000 of investment. What I learned from this lessons is, whatever you do, don't trade with gold. It is to risky and it can go up and down uncontrolled. Only trade currencies. But most of all, be sure to try demo with virtually money first!!!

Online broker is the key!
If you go for real money, don't spend in on bad forex online broker, which offers small minimal deposit, like $5 or something. Why? Most like it doesn't use meta trader client. And it have spread which will kill your profit.

Example of bad broker: Marketiva.
Examples of good brokers: NorthFinance - min. deposit $100 and Neuimex min deposit $250.