Monday, May 14, 2007

Review of RTA online investment

When I evaluate an investment program, before I enter, I do many calculations, investigations etc. As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I just have enough of scam. To be honest, RTA passed all my tests with excellence.

RTA got:
- an active, cooperative and most of it, flexible and smart administrator Max Willis;
- very transparent program with no fancy website, variable profit and method of calculation of profit is available;
- a real business behind, RTA is generating its profit through different ways of advertising;
- low but steady daily profit and one of the best referral rates 20%!!! (what makes sense, as you receive points from referrals, not $ as in other programs - Max wants to increase traffic to his site);
- very fast payments.

I was trying to find downside of this program, but there is no such thing, which would made this program less risky than any other similar among wast supply of HYIP and other investment options.

The average daily profit was from 9-feb-2007 up to today 0.58% what is, by my opinion very good - in just 4 months your purchased points will return your investment through withdrawals, every day more will be pure profit. Just to remind you, that there is no time limit on deposits in RTA, as you buy points, and that's your key to share of RTA total profit. So as long Max will be working on his RTA program, you will get your share.

My plan with RTA
I would definitely suggest a sign up and spend of at least minimum deposit ($1), that's why I will keep on adding new deposits. BTW: don't get confused by $500 limit, which is meant only for one but not total deposits. This seems to be an excellent long time profit investment. And my first choice as you can see in my portfolio.


Andrej said...

Top class report, as per usual. I have to say I agree with everything you said and my experience is the same. Nice one

svarun said...

I agree. Looks like RTA is the only honest program in this area.

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