Saturday, May 26, 2007

ALERT: Blue people 3rd time

Today BluePeople sent all unpaid withdrawals some were older then 3 days. That's nice but that alert should not be removed, due to the following facts:

  • as usual, there has been no explanation what happened;
  • majority of investors will start to withdraw their profit without rolling it back to BluePeople, so size of withdrawals will be bigger than deposits;
  • there has been no proof that BP are investing our money, so most likely is just another game based on reinvestments;
  • I can't forget that in early beginning we got a special offer to invest in some extra BluePeople plan, which was a scam indeed. I never found an answer, where scammer got a database of its users. Quite some people were scammed, the BP explanation was quite ignorant saying: "Don't invest in our program in other ways but through our website."
Advice: I don't suggest to invest into this one, 110 days is rather long term and BP is full of negative surprises.

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