Thursday, February 24, 2011

What is lawsuit settlement funding?

Recently I found an interesting website which explains what is solid funding. It provides lawsuit loans for plaintiffs with pending lawsuit settlements and loans are non recourse. Lawsuit funding is recognized also by many other names such as lawsuit loan, pre-settlement funding, pre-settlement loan, lawsuit cash advance, gal funding, litigation funding, pre-settlement funding, lawsuit advance, case funding and many other variations, but common idea is that it offers financial help to plaintiffs waiting for a settlement, where there was none available before. I must say, that I haven't heard about such funding before, but since we live in a same world and we all had or will have some experience with lawsuits, this site found a place in my bookmarks.

To understand lawsuit settlement funding and how to get it, I suggest you to click on where all details are explained in an user friendly way. The procedure for lawsuit funding looks easy, there are 7 steps and website promises that entire procedure can be completed in just 24 to 48 hours.