Saturday, August 30, 2008

Liberty Reserve - phishing emails - watch out

After long time of holidays I've checked my accounts yesterday. The best option was Greens Finance , despite I announced it as a scam earlier in on Twitter. Since one investment period was over on GreensFinance, I had profit and initial deposit ready to withdrawal. I requested withdraw and reinvested; up to now, my request was not proceeded yet, but what is most scary - I got a phishing email. My feeling is, that GreensFinance is scam after all, since they are the only one who know, that I made withdrawal request in last hours. Phishing email is very good copy of Liberty Reserve official emails - but link is obvious fake and lead you to phishing site, which is there to take your credentials.


This is an email I received couple an hours after my withdrawal request:

Liberty Reserve Payment Receive - Failed additional policy Please Update

Liberty Reserve

to Th0rest
show details 03:49 (5 hours ago)

Please note that in all e-mails from Liberty Reserve we will:
Never send you any links (except account activation e-mail) or attached files.
Never ask you to send us your password and/or login PIN.

Dear, customers

This email was sent by the Liberty Reserve server to verify your E-mail address.
You must complete this process by clicking on the link below and entering form .

This is done for your protection - because some of our members no longer have
access to their email addresses and we must verify it.

To verify your E-mail address and access your bank account,
click on the link below:

We have asked few additional information which is going to be the part of secure login process.
These additional information will be asked during your future login security so,
please provide all these info completely and correctly otherwise due to security reasons we may
have to close your account temporarily.

We thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Please understand that this is a security
measure intended to help protect you and your account. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Security Advisor
Liberty Reserve