Monday, June 30, 2008

Greens Finance - great profit maker

Now it has been 10 days since I joined another promising HYIP program: Greens Finance. We all know, HYIP is just HYIP and High yield investing program is linked to high risk. But this web page gives more credibility than any other so far. On their web page you can find real data who is behind and they have more offices, one also in London. Different certificates (I was not checking their originality) are displayed at the web too.

After 7 days I made also my first withdrawal and there was no problems with it. Wide variety of e-currencies are available for deposit: E-gold, Liberty Reserve and E-bullion. For investment plans are available, dynamic from 0.7% to 3.3% daily profit.

TODAY 0.70% 1.12% 2.09% 2.94%
AVERAGE WEEKLY 0.70% 1.24% 2.21% 3.06%
AVERAGE MONTHLY 0.70% 1.19% 2.19% 3.12%

Greens Finance also offers nice referral bonuses: 7% from initial deposit and 3% from all following deposits. Overall this is a really good HYIP. I predict it a long term existence, your deposits suppose to be safe until end of summer. If everything will run smoothly until September, we can expect this HYIP to be online until October. At the moment I wouldn't bet on longer existence on even best HYIP on the world.

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