Monday, June 23, 2008

FFG trading - successful story may end up soon

There is no doubt, FFG trading has been paying me all the way. And I am in profit regardless the situation. So far, at the moment, I received last withdrawal I made couple of days ago, on time. When I introduced this HYIP on this page, I wrote in FFG Trading - HYIP but I invested $ there a clear prediction, that this program may last for 18 weeks, at least. This period is now over and my feeling is we are near the end of it. It is true they had big problems months ago but they recovered, changed domain couple of time. But no HYIP is for ever and the smart player knows when to move out.

I also caught some rumors, that FFG is not paying big withdrawals and this reminds me very much to Privatefin scam. So it really doesn't matter whether those rumors are correct or not it is not safe to invest in FFG trading anymore. Additionally it would be smart to move out all deposits - I'll do that after my deposit plan is over. Compounding I reduced to 0% long time ago.

Time to go on, I have already found new promising HYIP, my readers were notified about it over Twitter updated. My plan is to introduce it in any time so. Stay tuned, investors!

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