Monday, June 2, 2008

Summary for May

Honestly from this blog point of view I was most unproductive in May. The only relevant post was Summary for April :) . Sometimes those summary thingy makes sense, but looks you just need to blog more often. There is a reason why I was not blogging; simply, I was on holidays, travelling from Chicago to Cleveland and back - sorta vacations.

That doesn't mean that my visitors were left alone whole month. My Twitter signal was very much alive, so if you don't know what you are reading now about Twitter signal, check Free Forex and betting signal over Twitter. Both forex and horse racing signals were POSITIVE, anyone who did follow them, made profit on either choice. Soon I will explain more how to use this free signal, but right now it seems that it is just fine for those who are already in Forex or/and in Horse Betting (with bookie who supports laying).

Most read May's post
Similar to previous month, the topic of the most read single post (first page excluded) was connected to Liberty Reserve topic again back to January this year;
ALERT: Liberty Reserve website down.

Blog statistics

This is now second month in a row we can notice smaller decrease of visitors on this blog. No wonder as there was not many new contents added in May. My plan is to reach 1000 users in on month. Obviously this is not going to happen so soon.

Top 5 keywords from search engines:

  1. liberty reserve down
  2. liberty reserve site down
  3. scam
  4. ferrum forex group
  5. ffg trading
Here is the list of top 7 blogs that have sent traffic to me:
Thank you all for linking to my my blog!


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