Friday, June 13, 2008

Get paid for reading emails

Let me get this straight: you can't really get rich with such a program, by definition. It has been some months since I joined Emailcashpro. This is just one of many program with similar approach. They send you emails where you have to click on link. It seems that Program is fair and honest, but the big question is, how to get reach minimum withdrawal.

EmailCashPro is another paid to read email program that first started in the small country of Singapore (that's why currency used for balance is Singaporean Dollars). It is now 9 months since this program has expanded to a International program that pays its members by check or more and more popular PayPal.

Nevertheless it is fair and promising service, it will take years to reach some money (talking about US$10). As long you just click on link you get with email. Don't be afraid to get tones of emails, there is no way that paid emails will harm your mailbox. I got 9 emails from Emailcashpro with sponsored link to click in May and just 4 in June. But there is a catch, how to reach those $10. With referrals of course (you've have that in mind, I bet on it).

So the best way to maximise the potential of your EmailCashPro membership is to become a Gold Member what happens when you invite 20 of your friends, colleagues or relatives to join your team at EmailCashPro. When you reach 20 direct referrals, you will be upgraded to a Gold Member. As a Gold Member, you will get the additional benefits: S$5 credited into your account and Unleash the potential of your 5th level of referrals. I think it is worth to try it.

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