Friday, July 18, 2008

Summary for June

After rather not productive blogging in May, June has been slightly more productive. Despite 4 posts monthly is bellow my regular output, the quality and value added in those posts is high. At same time I have to mention, that for short notices and signal I use Twitter; details available on Free Forex and betting signal over Twitter.

The most shocking thing was drop of Google page rank down to zero, after it has been stable PR3 since April. I read many good suggestions how to get rank back, but I just figure out, that it is not only Google PR connected with blog monetizing. So after I found out why Ad Sense is scam, Google also hit me with PageRank.

Most read post...

... dated back in October 2007 and topic was same as in previous month: Liberty Reserve. Since home page is excluded and only single posts are in this statistic, this is quite a normal result; as we know, that majority of traffic to single posts has been done as Search engines referral. That's why ALERT: Liberty Reserve - fake emails was read so many times.

Here are notable posts from June:

  1. Greens Finance - great profit maker - is still at this time I am writing the hotest HYIP available. My deposits are safe there, I completed one cycle (30 days) and just entered new round.
  2. Get paid for reading emails - is different approach to making money. This kind of online earning is very slow on profit making. It is more like passive way of making profit but it is very stable.
Blog statistics

Number of absolute unique visitors still goes down. It is obvious that as long I post 4 times a month, even over 200 absolute unique visitors is nice number. For more traffic to the site I should really post more often.

Top 5 keywords from search engines:
  • ffg trading
  • ffg-traders
  • scam
  • ferrum forex group
  • buy liberty reserve with credit card
The list of friend sites which sent me traffic:

Thank you guys for sending me traffic from your fantastic blogs!


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