Friday, May 25, 2007

RTA has gone fully transparent

Today a great new feature at RTA online investment has been published as promised by administrator Max. This program has published its statistics, what means users have full overview of profit earning and income as well as number of users and total points purchased. I must say that I am fascinated by decision of administrator to show those figures, as something like this I haven't seen in HYIP so far. No site actually shows how they make profit neither they publish it.

For all those expertes who marked RTA as solid program was the fact of variable profit. And now we can see, that this variable daily profit ratio really have some figures behind.

Let us look to some of statistics, we can get out from data published.

For the period of 11th January 2007 when RTA went online, up to today:

Total number of users: 508
Average points purchased per user: $13.36
Average daily profit: 0.75%
Total RTA revenue: $2384

From the graph we can see the trend of daily RTA revenue, which shows that it is nicely increasing. In other words, there is bright future for RTA!

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