Friday, May 11, 2007

Review of Blue People HYIP

Philosophy behind HYIP is basicly identical for all programs. If you follow some simple rules, it really doesn't matter if the program is ponzi (scam) or not. You must enter soon enough and get out before they run away with your money.

I am not saying at this time, that Blue People (BP) is ponzi scam neither that it is not a ponzi, but it is stable and relaviely safe to invest at this time.

What we have to know about BP?
- they are connected with GHPi Group which is running stable and online for relatively long time and that implies the fact, that BP can stay alive over 6 months from now;
- 1.6% daily profit (every day), minimum investment $50;
- my experience is, that they are paying ontime and fast, generally in less then 20 hours;
- they come from German spoken territory, so don't get upset if you see news in German;
- there is no compounding available, so you have to manage your reinvestments manually, your deposits are locked for 110 days;
- even tough site is using relatively primitive design, don't be afraid, as their investment plan is much better (GHPi background);
- finally, a wide variety of deposit options offers posibilities to invest from: e-gold, Bank Wire, e-Bullion, and, that is definetly a good sign.

My plan with BP
Since I've entered into BP very early (that's very important and I'll keep you posted on hourly base, if promising HYIP and other possibilities of earning appear) in February 2007, I will keep on adding new deposits and reinvestments since my first deposit will expire or if I will receieve $50 daily profit. When one of this condition will happen, I'll start withdrawing all profits, except my initial deposits, which will be invested back. My strategy may of course change, but generally the clue to success in HYIP (to receive profits of the size I am quoting on my site) is to have a clear idea of your plan and discipline.

Good luck in BP.

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