Saturday, March 12, 2011

Adblock Plus for Chrome - must have extension

Most of experienced users among us heard about the termin browser wars. Many of web surfers probably noticed that those time when user had to choose between two browsers are over. Some time ago when I was trying to find a good, fast and reliable browser, one of options was Google's Chrome. At that time Chrome was my choice and the best choice. But compared to previous browser I used at time Chome had some limitation. Extensions for example were not fully developed and implemented at that time.

Nowadays Chrome is fully loaded with extensions. One of them is Chrome Adblock which makes generally faster browsing experience since it blocks all ads automatically, no distractions with help of very good and several sources with lists. Adblock Plus for Chrome is simply must have software (or better extension). And best of all this essential extension is free to use. Forget web ads, it works seamlessly on Facebook ads as well.

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nice.. i like it