Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lakshmi the Rattler

One of the most relaxing blogs I visited recently is Lakshmi's Blog on Anything 'n Everything. Nice template goes well with its contents and it really gives you an impression what kind of person is Lakshmi. Topics she is writing about are really versatile, exactly like I wrote in first sentence, but you can find that on every page of Lakshmi's blog. Lakshmi the rattler seems to like to write a lot about her personal life, feelings and things like that, what I found interesting and it gives special note to this blog.

Typical women topics makes the heart of her blog; from online shopping to tourism. But even computer games, gadgets and online money making are topics, that Lakshmi is covering. Versatile. For example, even if don't know how to cook, I was impressed by her recipes section . Delicious meals made by herself with her original photos and recipes give a high value to this blog.

Good work Lakshmi!


Lakshmi the Great said...

hey thanks for the job neatly done. Thanks to Smorty for the great idea :)

lucky said...

Thanks to the blog owner. What a blog! nice idea.