Friday, April 18, 2008

Alert: Cropinvcashco website down

Four days ago Cropinvcashco sent out the following email to its users:

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fromCICC Admin
hide details 14 Apr (4 days ago)



14 Apr 2008 18:31

Update about payment

Dear members,
Today,all pending withdrawals with EG and LR have been processed successfully now. We are so sorry for the delay.Thanks all.


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In review Another interesting HYIP - Cropinvcashco I predicted this will program will work until end of April... It is not end of April yet, but it seems to be end of another HYIP. Nevertheless very similar situation already happened - website was down. At the moment I can record more than 24hrs of downtime. We shall not yet completely give up on this one, but investors will start to withdraw and stop investing into this one.

Investing here is not recommended, if it will come back, try to withdraw from it.

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