Monday, March 31, 2008

FFG trading changed to FFG traders

Well, sometimes I am happy when I am wrong. Obviously I was too fast claiming FFG as scam in Alert: FFG sent out email - nothing much to believe. So they have sent another email yesterday noticing all investors, that they have changed their domain to

They wrote apologize, email sent from new domain, everything in place so it all seems clear. They also warn users to correct links to new domain. And yet again they are back and stable. Or maybe I am too quick again?

I was predicting that withdrawals will increase and yes, they did. But so far this is not critical, as there is some new deposits and overall picture of this HYIP looks healthy. As long stats are real - we saw some HYIP with fake stats as well, so nothing in the domain of lurky HYIP is 100% certain. Let's take a look at live statistics at this very moment:

Online since February 23, 2008
Total accounts 765
Total deposited $64,146.62
Deposited today $354.40
Last deposit $9.90 (junglist00)
Total withdrawn $9,960.66
Withdrawn today $432.70
Last withdrawal $1.00 (usd100k)
New Pending withdrawals 9 ($21.24)
Total bonuses paid $4,532.49
Visitors / customers online 22 / 9

Another thing is that currently they claim Liberty Reserve withdrawals are on standby, the reason is LR website... But things should be or they are maybe already in place. You can read my detailed review of FFG traders on my post: FFG Trading - HYIP but I invested $ there.

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