Friday, March 7, 2008

ALERT: And yet another e-gold phishing email

Some minutes ago, I received another phishing email with clear intention to steal my e-gold account username and password and other information needed to receive access to my account. There have been dozen of such alerts I announced in my blog so I assume a real number of such attacks is much higher. I just hope the no one of my readers ever clicked on such link. So, spread the word around to people who use online e-currencies. At the moment it looks like e-gold users are under attack but we can't know when those criminals will attack other currencies.

Here is a copy-paste of an email I received. Or links are of course removed.

**e-gold Transfer Notice ** Inbox

hide details 15:22 (55 minutes ago)



7 Mar 2008 15:22

** e-gold Transfer Notice **

** e-gold Transfer Notice **

You have received a spend of 36,81 grams of gold from account #2102119 (AlertPay inc) - Memo: B8RFF-3Q2AW-T4Y6M.
Your current e-gold account settings are blocking payments from this type of account.
If you wish to claim this gold fund anyway, please follow the link provided with SecureKey to update your e-gold account settings.

SecureKey e-gold url:

Claim your gold fund within 48hours, or it will be refused and cancelled.

Please do not reply to this automatically generated email message.

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