Monday, March 24, 2008

Get paid to take "easy" surveys

Recently I lost significant amount of money in Forex. Yes, significant. US Dollar was just too weak and turned the other way just on wrong time. No stop loss trading I used to practise with my new broker killed me; completely on total of over -3000 pips my orders were closed...

I can't get over it yet still, but I am searching for new ways how to get at least some money to start over again. Generally there is a huge number of services we can call "get paid to...". To read emails doesn't make significant money, I'll write about that some other time. Paid to click on banners is most unprofitable way and biggest lose of time. I never liked paid to take surveys, until today. In some 20 minutes I registered my account and fulfill all surveys available ($6 for Welcome survey and $4 for others). For total of $27. Easy money, really, since there is no need to write long reviews, 2-3 sentences about choosen website is enough.

You can get paid when you collect $75. They offer $1.25 per friend who register as your referral (if you singup with click on banner below, thank you). And finally, they use Paypal as payment processor, what is neat as my broker uses Paypal as well. Worth to participate in A.W.$urveys, I am telling you.

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