Sunday, January 6, 2008

MagicHoldem - tool for online poker players

There are many ways how to make money online. Since I focused here mostly on Forex and HYIP it is fair to expose also other ways. Playing online poker can be a good source of earning, but with one condition: you must skilled and experienced in poker gaming. I was never too experienced in poker, so I thought this source is not for me.

Well, I was wrong (again). I found out, that there exist additional tools for playing poker, such as poker calculator which offers you in deep overview of inplay statistics and poker odds. With Holdem calculator not only beginners, but experts improve their winning performance. Using this software from is not cheating it can be used on more than 93% of major poker rooms. If time will allow me, I am going to test this tool, especially because time limited offer of getting free life time license.