Saturday, January 12, 2008

Alert: withdrawal problems

Recently I signed up with Open Forex HYIP, as it seemed to me, they are really running a really business behind their program. Nevertheless first I was confused by depositing and compounding options - it was not so clear as we are used at common HYIP scripts. But I accept that as positive in a way of original approach.

Today I first tried to withdraw from Open-forex and look, I got an error.

When clicking to withdraw I get this:

Can't connect to Liberty Reserve Server.
Interest Earned & Principal Available To Withdraw
Available Earning: $12.15
Available Principal: $16.50

I will try to receive explanation from support, it may be the case, that I am not handling things correctly. What worries me is that new deposits are still accepted - up to now just today approximately $500.

My advice is simple and clear: don't invest in Open Forex until I solve this problem. In case that this is another scam site, I will be sorry no to listen my "inner voice", when I was signing up in time when Opentrade scammed us and looks like Open is another term for Scam in HYIP.


Xmakler said...

I recived payment from yesterday!

Xmakler said...

I recived payment again!

Date: 2008-16-01 10:12:34
Batch: 1284098
From Account: U1412907
Amount: $0.80
Memo: Contract ID: 344. For: IE

the option of payment was impossible with reason of attack the DDOS on LR yesterday.