Friday, January 4, 2008

ALERT: are inactive

Some may remember, that I had a banner linking to HYIPsignals on this blog. The idea of HYIP signals is good: to give its users for relatively small free regular signal on oppurtunites for making money on HYIP. Since recently this may be a good service, but last month they were just money takers.

I signed up a month ago, paid a fee for $19. All I received from them was an email today, to renew my subscription. Very optimistic from them. There has been no explanation whatsoever, what is going on, why there is no newsletter, no signal, ...

This is their Newsletter Archive

11/17/2007 HYIPsignals NEWSLETTER #30
11/09/2007 HYIPsignals issue #259
11/08/2007 HYIPsignals issue #258
11/07/2007 HYIPsignals issue #257
11/06/2007 HYIPsignals issue #256

Apparently dead for more then a month, they still accept subscriptions! So doesn't matter how professional may site look or how nice is the idea, stay away from THIS site! Additionally, there is no reply on their support email. I expected they will explain and refund all accounts like mine. As soon I receive any info from them, I will post that here.

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