Thursday, February 7, 2008

RTA destroyed by cyber criminals

We are used to good news and when time comes also to bad news. But sometimes bad news are terrible news. This is what we can say about RTA online investment program established by one and only fair admin I ever had contact with: Max Willis.

Everything looks so promising for RTA when Max gave me an exclusive interview. Optimism, fair play and good plan waved from his answers. From the time when he started his program, I was promoting him and some of readers of my blog signed as my referrals. RTA was steady income, no-scam, no cheating HYIP. Response from admin was always on time, bugs were fixed in no time, I don't recall serious downtimes of website. But... there are evil people out there, who are using extremely aggressive ways to steal money from online investing and other businesses.

One would say, that RTA is just a scam and Max is running away with money. Wrong! Max has already returned deposits to those users, who made more deposits than withdrawals. Just another good proof how honest and good RTA program was.

I don't want to reveal details what happened in case of RTA since admin of RTA published his story on temporary webiste available on But I don't tolerate such cyber gangsters. With end of RTA I am definitely stepping out from HYIP. Some days ago I was thinking about changing my blog's name and it looks I have a good reason to do it.

My primary focus on online investment are now: forex, betting and web advertising. And I wish that Max will some day return with his unique and inovative approach to online money investing. I think you share this with me, don't you?

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