Monday, February 4, 2008

Monetize your blog with Smorty

Among many ways how to earn money on internet Forex, betting and HYIP are most extreme options. They are based on your input – deposit which is initially your money. Extreme options give extreme profit or in many cases loss.

But there is one very stable way of getting good money. Instead your money, you input your time. If you are serious online investor, you should start at least your own blog (as I did) online. Depends of quality of your posts and traffic to your blog, your blog will become interesting for advertisers. You won’t believe how many bloggers blog for money. As long you are familiar with English language and willing to write opinions, services etc., you can use service like Smorty – it connects advertisers with bloggers.

Advertise on blogs seems to be easier than ever. I will keep you informed how profitable Smorty is. But first impression is that this my be best of services of its kind. Smorty uses friendly user interface, which is easy to operate. Just have in mind, that your blog should meet Smorty's requirements - you will get feedback if your blog won't meet requirements.

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