Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Galleon FX - managed forex, is this the key to real profit?

After disasterous results in HYIP, failer in gold trading and finally, due to lack of time and resources I was not able to run manual forex, I am now trying to make profit in forex managed account at Galleon FX.

This is now real thing. No more unsecure feeling about scam. Let me shortly look at this my new investment.

The site has very good instructions for filling up all forms and papers, since you need to get first signup a form for Galleon, then with their broker, FXCM. Both seems very stable in time and under control. Of course there is a risk of something bad happens and either company "die", but this is not so likely. Since Galleon is getting managed fee based on their performance from you, it is obvious their intention is to perform as positive as possible. All fine from this points. What else do we know?

When you sign up, you have to choose the currency USD or EUR for your account. In fact USD accounts have better statistics than EUR, for examle their USD Account was up about 75% in Septemberm, further more 18% in October for a total of 93% gross in just 2 months.

Their $1000 minimum special has been very popular with 50+ new clients in October. Those that got in and had accounts funded before the 15th are already looking at 15-20% gains in their account. As they have extended $1000 minimum investment for this month too, you just have some days to start a real investing, rather then scamy HYIP.

The FXCM offers very good web based look into account, so you see all open traders, history, current equity, for selected time period. Funding the FXCM account is easy, as you can use Credit cards.

Galleon FC performance over time

Galleon offers you great oppurtunity to take profit in violatile Money Exchange markets. Since managed accounts usually starts with over $25.000, you finally have a chance to enter with much smaller amount. And last thing: robot trading is usually not bringing such high profits as Galleon had it in September, but since it eliminates emotional weakness of a trader, it can become your profit maker.

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