Monday, July 16, 2007

Back from vacations

Today I've returned from summer vacations. It was nice and I must say that computer free zone can be sometimes even healthy. Neverthelss it seems I haven't get over Privatefin scam. My decision was clear, to keep on telling the truth through this blog and I also contacted e-gold support for abuse issuse. I received very fast response, they are asking me to send details of batches spent on their e-gold account.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, coach! Nice to see you back!

I'm sorry we didn't meet, I haven't been in the area. But I will go there in early August, so if you return there maybe we could meet.

As for privatefin, I was wondering did you manage to settle anything with them. It really puzzles me because they are still paying me; can you believe it? (Check out RTA monitor)