Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hard times for my portfolio

After strange thing happened in Privatefin, where there I haven't received profit and withdrawals from this weekend on, my portfolio is badly hurt. Instead of $900 which were profit my rather excellent management and all deposited in Privatefin, nothing of that came back to me. The one and only daily portfolio is based now only on one program - RTA online investment. I must say, that this is the only secure and profitable place I am willing to invest more at this time.

Some of my money is also in Bet Funds - Arb bets mutual fund, but I don't consider these investments as a part of my daily or monthly portfolio, as I compounded deposits there for one year. I plan to write a review on this program soon.

Nothing hurt me as bad as Privatefin, especially because everything looks normal, most users report no problem, so I wonder why it hit me. Especially after I made fair and correct review, so it should not be something personal. For example, that Privatefin admins would deliberately blocked my account.

I plan to post some screenshot of my Privatefin account withdrawals. After two emails I've sent to support, no reply I received even they claim to answer all emails in 24 hours. Well, they obviously don't.

Think before you reinvest in Privatefin, that you won't be sorry as I am now.

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