Thursday, June 7, 2007

Interesting view on Forex trading

Recently I read a very intersting article on forex trading. It is exactly what was my experience in forest 7 months of trading. Even tough I am fully aware that 7 months means in trading that I was still a newbie, I spent a significant time online attached to Metatrader windows. Trying everything, from system to signals, from news to economic reports. And yes, I was doing small but steady profit which was giving me a reason to continue. Untill I did a fatal mistake, trying fight the trend without stop loss.

I hope, that my HYIP investments will go on well, so far is looking very good and I plan a comeback.

Oh, and I almost forgot to give you a link to that article:
Currency Trading Systems - The Fatal Mistake That Ensures Losses 95% of the Time.

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