Friday, June 8, 2007

Gold lowest after 11th March

Those who are familiar with Forex trading know the importance of the gold price. Current low price for them won't matter much, as markets are closed over the weekend. But what does it mean for HYIP investors?

A lot. With good handling of short term deposits and available withdraws, you can get some percents just from good timing. Current low price of gold which will last fixed over the weekend is an opportunity to buy gold, to withdraw money from your HYIP balance. Wait for Monday or Tuesday and reinvest it. I expected that gold will go back up, first trends of rising were shown just at the end of a trading day.

Of course all HYIP are not suitable for such manipulation with gold prices, since they don't provide instant withdrawals. Very good HYIP to manipulate with gold price is without a doubt Privatefin, but also RTA online investment provides fast withdrawals.

Anyway, keep an eye on gold, I am constantly watching it despite my fiasco when I traded with gold on Forex market.

In chart you can see closed price for gold at 645.60. US $ is getting stronger last two days, but we can speculate to hit back 672.00 soon, and 660.00 in near future.

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